Daybreak's Smedley: We're Excited To Do Xbox & Mobile

Daybreak's President John Smedley expressed his excitement as the company is now able to support not only PC & PS4 but also Xbox & mobile.

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Festano1315d ago

Good news for owners of Xbox One.

Mostafeto1315d ago

Good news for gaming in general and for mobile gamers too

ccgr1315d ago

My Xbone can use some more games, bring em on!

Imp0ssibl31315d ago

These aren't that good anyway

christocolus1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Wth? All of a sudden they aren't good anymore?

MysticStrummer1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

@christocolus - Did the person you replied to sing the praises of these games in the past? If not, your comment is meaningless.

@Imp0ssibl3 - Just acknowledge that you're speaking for yourself, mmmkay? DC Universe Online has been called the "best MMO ever" and Planetside 2 won multiple Game of the Year awards.

I'm a huge fan of the PS4 Planetside 2 beta, even with all it's problems. It's a true beta, unlike most "betas" console players get. I just wish there would be cross platform play with XB1 (if XB1 does in fact get the game) but I don't see that (cross play) happening.

Godz Kastro1315d ago

You should be happy. Xbox has a great online community and service. Your games were made for this system!

SoapShoes1315d ago

Another great PC Dev going down the mobile drain.

gangsta_red1315d ago

It seems that's where you go when you failed at consoles or need some extra $$$.

With such a huge flooded mobile market I am shocked that companies are still able to make money there. That F2P model must be paying really healthy.

Roccetarius1314d ago

I wouldn't exactly call them great, because Smedley has been running it into the ground for a while now.

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