The rides we want to see at the Nintendo theme park.

Mario Kart, Metroid, and Starfox don't have to just be games anymore -- now they can be full amusement park experiences.

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Neonridr1313d ago

I would love to see a F-Zero simulator style ride.

NukaCola1313d ago

Metroid Prime 4D ride
Picmin Park
Super Mario Bros Roller Coaster
LINK'S Downward Thrust, a freefall experience
Pokemon animatronics ride
Donkey Kong barrel water ride

Concertoine1312d ago

Yeah, you can ram people off of hundred foot heights and watch them blow up in replays. Bonus points for how long it takes for the staff to scrape their guts out of the cockpit.

-Foxtrot1313d ago

Well it's got to have a massive Mario Kart track of Mario Circuit (first track I believe in Super Mario Kart).

Have all the main characters Karts to let people drive in

Donkey Kong
Shy Guy

Big_Game_Hunters1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

I want to take a Picture with a full size Xenoblade X doll replica.
Pokemon snap Ride.
Starfox simulator ride
F-Zero coaster
Plumber coaster
Metroid shooter ride like the toystory one in disney
Donkeykong barrel coaster
Nintendo carousel. ride yoshi/pokemon/loftwings/ridly/ clown balloon ect.

Have groose be like gaston in disney world.
If they want shows they can probably do some cool FE or wonderful 101 performances where they can get the kids up on stage and "recruit them for the team" like the Jedi show at Disney.

so much potential

Reeze1312d ago

I hope most of the rides are actual rides and not just simulators, to be honest. I went to Universal in March and too many of their rides just involved sitting still and being shaken around. I had a lot more fun on the rides that were actually thrilling!

That being said, there's a lot of things Universal can do with Nintendo. I can see a Jurassic Park ride-esque Metroid ride, or a log ride like Splash Mountain/Ripsaw Falls themed after Pikmin. An anti-gravity Mario Kart-themed roller coaster would also be amazing!

wonderfulmonkeyman1312d ago

Splatoon-themed paintball would be epic, as would Metroid-themed lazer tag.
I'd love a VR coster based on riding a loft wing, too!

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