SimBin's Race Pro : A Much Awaited 360 Exclusive Racer Down Under

From XboxOZ360:
"With Race Pro, there will be an arcade mode for those who love their smash-n-dash style of racing, while still having the Racing Simulation as its backbone. So to appease those mad racers who expect their cars to slam into walls at 200mph and still continue on, there will be the Arcade Mode, but for those of use who really crave the simulation of all out racing combined with the adrenaline of knowing the next corner could well be our last if it is not approached correctly, this will be THE game that sits in our 360's tray for some time to come. For those those of use that know slamming our opponent out of the way in a corner is just 'not on old man', then this game will supply us with everything we need, and more.

It has been some time coming, and in the process changed publishers a few time, but now it seems that Atari have finally taken up the baton for SimBin's PC titles' move to the console, and in this case, "exclusively to the 360", releasing in the Australian Spring (Sept-Nov).

Australia is the home of V8 Supercars and some of the worlds top drivers, and would-be-top-drivers btw, so SimBin's Race Pro will be a most eagerly received and welcomed title."

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XboxOZ3603777d ago

For me, this is going to be THE title to get in the racing genre' . . no other has the pedigree that SimBin has, nor has the pure expertise in delivering a true racing experience in gaming All they do is make great racing games, nothing else, and what I had seen of the previous iteration under the name of GTR for the 360 was a welcomed sight. So waiting for this renamed game (Race Pro) will be a long one, eagerly awaiting the day of its release.

How it will be received by console gamers however is another matter. As most, and I use the word lightly, simply do not 'get' simulations' and just crave racing mayhem over planned racing expertise.

Sure, there is a place for arcade racing, it's fun, a way to blow off steam, no accountability for your actions, generally, and you can reach insane speeds and seemingly impossible feats can be performed. While a great deal of 'fun', there's something lacking for the gamer who looks for the real side of racing, and simply cannot afford, nor wishes to invest in a full on PC Simulation Rig in order to get their racing fix.

We've had to endure many a so-called pure racing game that turned out to be simply an arcade game dressed in fancy pants. SimBin hopefully will deliver what they do best, a great simulator with an arcade mode attached, rather than an arcade racers with a semi-sim mode attached.

gaminoz3777d ago

I have to admit I'm more of an arcade race player, so this will be interesting as it wants to incorporate both.

SEiGHTan3777d ago

You, and the original article, make some strange statements. Console gamers don't like sims? How comes Forza 2 is always the top racer and is usually in the top 10 Live games every week?

Looking forward to this.

XboxOZ3603777d ago

@ SEiGHTan

In "general" . . (as I said in the article) meaning not all, but a huge majority, do like arcade racing over "Sims" . . . The main break to that rules only has been Forza 2 (as Forza 1 did NOT have the following Forza 2 has), and the TOCA Series was pre 360 and even then had a a much small following in comparison to other "console arcade racers" which often sold 4 times as many games that any of the TOCA series or "sim-style" games did. Even Race Driver 3 (TOCA 3 or V8SC's 3) did not sell anywhere near enough to make it profitable to move into the new market (This-Gen) for Codemasters. Hence the huge shift for them into a different genre', arcade racing, albeit the top of the tier arcade racer mind you, which many will now have to reach in order to do better.

Sims do not sell (with a 'few' notable exceptions) on consoles. Developers know this, it's why THQ pulled the plug on SimBin's GTR for the 360 early in 2007, and why SimBin had difficulty in finding a suitable console developer willing to take a chance with them. It's taken them almost 12 months to find a Publisher, even though the game they have is rock solid, and comes from a developer that knows its stuff around racing vehicles and gaming.

Even Flight Sims are not catered for on consoles because until now, they simply have NOT sold in the numbers needed to support the huge $$ involvement needed to make games for "This-Gen". Which is far in excess of any title on any last gen console. A single title on "This_gen" can cost up to and in many cases in excess of $US15-$US20 million 'just' to develop, not including promotion or publicity. Most console gamers love - well - arcade style games, with the exception of FPS oif course. Which until a game like Halo back in 2002 made FPS more accessible for gamers on consoles, as PC's were always thought of being home to all FPS. Sims were the same, until recently.

Only now do we have 2 real flight games that remotely resemble a sim, that being Ace Combat: Fires Of Liberation, and the new IL-2 Sturmovick which is currently in development for the console. And which are the only two flight games supporting Flight Sticks for the 360 or consoles.

The IL-2 Sturmovick series has long been at home on the PC, and now they have branched out to the consoles which is a move not many sim developers have had the gonads to do properly. Due mainly to really poor sale figures on any previous attempt of putting even a semi-sim flight game on a console.

So yes, sales are what publishes go by, not gamers demands, and while there is a huge Sim community out there that would love sims on consoles, not many developers and publishers have been willing to take a $US20 - $US30 million dollar gamble, just to see if they sell enough to cover costs . . . ($US30 million to cover dev & publishing and promotion) That's 600,000 units JUST to break even at $US50 average cost per game retail. Look at the number sold of TOCA, Ace Combat etc and you'll see those numbers are not there to the desired level to support such investments, or haven't been, until now.

Even within our own ranks at XboxOZ360-gamer (13) there are only really 2 members that like racing sims (ie Forza 2), and of those 2, only one loves them to the level many PC sim lovers would. So that's 2 in 13 that do like sims, while the rest would be very happy to just plug in the likes of GRID, Burnout, Stuntman, Juiced etc. That surely tells you something - doesn't it . . ?

Many PC gamers are moving across to consoles simply because they can get more games now than before, and also do so without the huge investment they have had to do in the past with their PC's. That doesn't mean they are abandoning the PC, it simply means they are opening up to a variety of gaming styles. So it makes sense that developers are now looking at that market, especially when you look at sales of console games against PC games.

killax35633777d ago

My initial impression is that this game looks generic as hell.

Very unimpressed.

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1stKnighT3777d ago

The 360 is king for racers.

tatotiburon3777d ago

and king of RPG's
King of FPS
king of Sports

you got that right 1stknight

GVON3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

They need to allow g25 compatibly otherwise there's no point in the game when in full sim mode.

Strife Lives3777d ago

Ive heard about their games but havnt played any.dont think my 64mb graphics card,2,8 ghz P4 from 2004 can hack it.but. . .I wonder,if this game is only for race cars (like Grid) Im not so sure about it.Forza and Gt is more my taste.the physics engine in this game would probably be better than Forza,then again,it might not.see,the FM2 engine is severly restricted(due to the 'shiny side up' clause) that prevents excessive damage to the cabin of the cars.In a race game with race cars,its not applicable. With that said,if this game has normal everyday cars,IM SOLD.especially if they have a 1997 Bmw E36 M3 like Forza 2. Thats my baby :D.

level 3603777d ago

I only got 2 games on my PC and one of them is GTR2., it sure is a good game I must say by and with this XBox 360 Race Pro is shaping up to be another good one by the guys at SimBin.

My only question is will it be supporting an independently supplied steering wheel such as the G25? { which I have been using on my GTR2 ( PC ) and my GranTurismo 5: Prologue and Formula 1 game ( PS3 which I also have ) }
Because I believe MS/XBox only want to use their own equipment on their games... and I don't really want to buy another steering wheel.

XboxOZ3603777d ago

Just "perhaps" there "might" be another 360 steering wheel in development, you never know?

And you never know that MS might just support a 3rd party steering wheel if they simply drop their own in favour of allowing various (or one) 3rd party peripheral companies to take the lead. This would save them heaps in R&D and construction, and gain more in returns via licensing fees, which makes more sense to the bean counters.

They did so with the flight stick which can be bought for Ace Combat and is a real flight stick having 2 separate pads with thrust, yaw controls and separate 'stick' with triggers and boosters etc. Ace-Combat-6-ACEEDGE-Flightstic k-Bundle-Announced/

Richdad3776d ago

You have to go with controllers on 360, even arcade games of 360's are designed for controllers. Gt is hard on joystick you definitely need the steering.

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