Is E3 Losing Relevance?

Is E3 becoming irrelevant as the online world changes?

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Bigpappy1313d ago

No! But if would find some data that prove your questions should even be asked please feel free to submit an article pointing out why you asked this stupid question.

I also doubt anyone here can give a definitive answer to this question. The pass E3's have been well attended, and fans who weren't there seem to have watched. Pay attention to the upcoming E3 and may be to could answer your own question.

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lifeisgamesok1313d ago

I'm more excited about this E3 than I was at this time last year

Iltapalanyymi1313d ago

no. no, no and no. this year's E3 is way more anticipated and hyped than the last 3-4 years. lots of great titles coming in, and the biggest show in years!

Father__Merrin1313d ago

meaningless article.

me personally i simply cannot wait for Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, & PC press conferences

NoctisPendragon1313d ago

SE conference for me , it happens twice in a life time .

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The story is too old to be commented.