Now You Can't Even Use PS4 SharePlay With P.T

Konami just keep on digging themselves in deeper by further annoying their fan-base.

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Snookies121287d ago

I would understand them doing all this if they lost the IP or something, but why when they still own it? Why try to get rid of something as great as this? Just to annoy fans? Maybe they're just trying to cover the shame of losing Kojima. I don't know, either way I don't see myself picking up any future Konami games after MGS V.

chrish19901287d ago

No idea. They just keep going and going. It's sort of funny actually, it'll be interesting to see what they do next.

uth111287d ago

next they order takedowns of all PT youtube videos and eventually the game will stop working for people who have it.

Heyxyz1287d ago

Next Konami will send people to your home to destroy your PS4.

PeaSFor1287d ago

look like Konami is in self destruct mode right now, seem like its gonna explode after MGSV launch.

...and thats pretty f$%kin sad.

freshslicepizza1287d ago

perhaps konami is being bought out?

PickAShoe1286d ago

There are a lot of good reaction video, and I hope those won't be taken down. (ñ㉨ñ)

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badboyz091287d ago ShowReplies(6)
Baka-akaB1287d ago

Seems like they just want people to forget about it , even if slowly .

I kinda imagine the mindframe of those idiots , they never exactly stopped pumping Silent Hill games , even when bad .

After the fiasco of the cancellation they feel that they need to force and purge P.T/Hills from anyone's mind by erasing it . Soon enough in 2016 or 17 they'll annonce another silent Hill game , or multiples on some platforms , maybe even mobile ... and it will be utter crap compared to even a short demo like P.T

oasdada1287d ago

Maybe they did sell the ip "P.T" cuz they sure as hell wouldnt sell silent hills.. p.t may seem like a quick cash grab for them

Eyesoftheraven1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Probably because it teases a concept for a product that is no longer in development. So business and politics as always screwing general sensibility and suavity.

Skate-AK1286d ago

@moldybread That is not going to happen. Konami has a lot more than just their games division.

DragoonsScaleLegends1286d ago

Honestly unless they win me back I'm never planning on buying anything from them again. I wasn't really interested in them to begin with but I was thinking about getting MGSV and I was hugely interested in a new Silent Hill game but now they can shove both brands up their asses. There went my potential $120 going to them plus the $100+ worth of bullshit dlc revenue they would have got from me.

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SpaceRanger1287d ago

If there was a handbook on how to make every wrong move in the gaming industry, Konami would be the prime example.

They've literally made this game into the most exclusive game in history. And besides those who have it and are able to play it, it's really not a good thing at all -_-. Here's to hoping they give someone more responsible the rights to this game.

Rookie_Monster1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Unfortunate. I am not buying MGSV game now due to ethic violation. Konami, what have you become?

Somehow this reminds me of a raging Ex trying to ruin the boyfriend's life and would do anything to see him suffer, even with the expense of bad publicity.

Zichu1287d ago

I know Konami are pretty terrible, but dont let Kojimas hard work go to waste. I know the game will be a massive hit, but once its out, its all downhill for Konami.

TWB1287d ago

Better idea. You should buy it used to not give Konami anything but still enjoy kojimas last MGS.

Zichu1287d ago

Or this I guess. Much better idea.

luis_spartano1287d ago

Konami is dead for me. Dead and buried.

The_Sage1287d ago

This is crazy... What are they trying to accomplish? Are they trying to see how much negativity they can generate towards themselves? What's next?

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