Project Cars Studio Head: Exciting and Titillating Things to Come; Offers Xbox One Lobby Solution

Project Cars has some exciting content coming soon as well as the possibility of proper lobbies for the Xbox One version, though in the mean time there is a work around of sorts.

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St01261d ago

Sounds good, can't wait to see what new content they have in the coming months.

I hope they come up with a fix soon for the lack of AF though, looks kinda bad in replays

Donjune1261d ago

I've been trying to purchase this game on PSN and Live but no dice! What gives?

orakle441261d ago

If you are in the US it wont be available until midnight tonight. Its already out in the UK and other regions I believe.

LifeInNZ1261d ago

You know, with MS's cloud service I would have thought they would have offered up default multiplayer capability for all games. Proper lobbies, clans, matchmaking, etc. Why is it every developer seems to build that aspect of the game from scratch also!