Survival guide for the Bloodborne Defiled Chalice Dungeon

A guide for surviving the extremely difficulty Bloodborne Defiled Chalice Dungeon.

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wakeNbake1310d ago

I gave up on the Chalice dungeons lol they got way too intense in the higher level ones, and besides I found the Beast Claw already.

Tapani1310d ago

Glad to know, that the boss that I'm stuck at is the hardest one in the game :D

joab7771310d ago

Which one? The dog and Amygdala are patience fights, the dog being harder imo.

dc11310d ago

The dog is all about pacing and timing.
It would also be extremely helpful for you to bring some one in with you.
What level are you?

and good luck man!

Tapani1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Behind NAT3 connection here, so no co-op for me :(

I think I'm around 200 or something (forgot if its NG++ or NG+++). Only tried the doggie for like five times, but it proved to be so hard, that I kinda left it alone for the last few 10-20 levels. I don't think I'm a bad player, good even, when in the flow, but I just didn't could not bear trying that thing without ramping up Vit. I think the Vit is at 25 or something, but STR is like 85 :D

Gonna try with the suggestions this guide had! :)

joab7771310d ago

I've done it 3x, now I'm about to try w/ 20 vit. Fingers crossed.

Tex1171310d ago


And if you are a bloodtinge/skill build (and don't have range weapons), you really have to be perfect.

NeonEnigma1310d ago

If anyone is stuck on a chalice dungeon boss and needs some coop help go to I was messaged within 30 minutes and got some much needed help in the defiled chalice dungeon!

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