Splatoon and the State of Shooters

Sometimes a game can be too fun to the point of making you sad about the state of the rest of the genre.

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Zulehan1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

"Despite its unfortunate lack of team voice chat, it IS quite naturally good at encouraging team work: from the way different weapons in Splatoon compliment each other by being so different, to the whole concept of establishing routes for other players to move along, it makes it impossible for one guy to carry the entire team based solely on score."

I think this is the most interesting point you made. And it has me thinking:

Voice chat is something that can be had, a feature added post-launch, and the lack of such a feature can also be circumvented through such means as Skype.

But designing a game to encourage team work is something more intricate than a chat feature, and perhaps more important if the whole argument is that you want people working together with you.

Gemmol1261d ago

The point on Voice Chat is not a strong point, the reason I say that because the GamePad show all the information. When I say all the information, it shows all the information.

It shows where each character is located, it shows them moving

It shows when they being attack

It shows the areas they painting

it shows everything, and best part, you can tap on their character if they need help or anything and jump to their area

All I am saying if you see where everyone is at, and where all the areas are color, you can know where to go, meaning if I see you on the map coloring the left side, my common sense will kick in and say go on the right side because none of my teammates are there

Its the same with enemies coloring their areas, if I see the enemies taking a area for their selves, I know where to go to take it back

I will admit before I played the demo on the weekends I thought everyone was right about voice chat, but after playing the demo and seeing what is shown on the screen, I personally think people are now complaining or they just dont want to use the GamePad.

If they do not want to use the GamePad then yes they will be at a disadvantage because they cannot see everything, it would be just like playing call of duty, wondering where your teammates at and if they need help.

Here is the thing that bothers me the most, people say they want more games that take advantage of the Gamepad screen, and this game do all of that and more, it shows everything that you need, so you do not have to ask anyone and people want voice chat so they can limit their reason for using the gamepad.

If voice chat is given then everything put on the screen would not be needed any more, and people will have no use for using the Gamepad.

Its perfect for me because even tho I have a headset for my playstation, I do not voice chat, so having everything on the screen benefit a player like me, so maybe I am bias because I prefer not to hear voices.

I hope call of duty take notice and add this to their game, it would help me a lot

Zulehan1260d ago

Another good point. Thank you for sharing.

BigDuo1260d ago

Well said, Gemmol. Some people clearly seem to overlook the fact that Splatoon does provide several visual cues on both the GamePad as well as the TV screen that replaces the need for voice acting as a form of strategic communication to the player. Nintendo producer Hisashi pointed this out as well.

These battles are short, fast-paced, frantic and have you spend more time spraying the ground than killing opponents to win the main objective.

The only voice chat support I would like to see added to the game is for lobby chat. I don't think there should be any excuse not to have it. Splatoon should also support private lobbies.