Konami takes down Super Bunnyhop video (Kojima vs Konami) in the name of copyright infringement

It appears that the fallout between Hideo Kojima and Konami has taken a turn for the worse. Konami has just taken down Bunnyhop’s Youtube video that featured a transcript from alleged employee who accused the company’s CEO of mismanagement and his unfair treatment of Kojima.

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Geobros1112d ago

I am not surprised, thats Konami.

pwnsause_returns1111d ago

Jim Sterling is having the last laugh right now as we speak lmaooo

rdgneoz31111d ago

Yah, with all they've done lately, it's not very surprising. Removing all mention of Kojima from everything, canceling Silient Hill / removing PT from being able to download even if it's in your download list, and now this.

Also, for those that want to see the video in question... The internet being the internet, people will reupload it.

Revolver_X_1111d ago Show
Clogmaster1111d ago

Is it time for the internet to destroy Konami's reputation beyond repair until they start being cool again?

These guys made Contra and Turtles....what happened.

rainslacker1111d ago

I think Konami doesn't need the internet's help to do that. They seem to be ruining their reputation perfectly fine on their own.

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pwnsause_returns1111d ago done f**ked it up....

Timesplitter141111d ago

spoiler: It won't end well for Konami

Jalva1111d ago

Their gaming division is pretty much f*cked but Konami as a whole will be absolutely fine.

Timesplitter141111d ago


I guess what I mean is this : If Konami and Kojima start fighting, Konami's going to lose the fight

rainslacker1111d ago

and five years from now, if Konami still cares about making video games, no one will remember all this. Well some people will, but as soon as they announce a well loved sequal then people won't care. The non-hardcore or even semi hardcore have no clue this is all going on. If they manage to release a good game in a loved series, all will be forgiven. Welcome to the internet age.

rezzah1111d ago

It is the heat of the moment; humans are emotional creatures.

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Mikefizzled1111d ago

I know its entirely off topic but damn Kojima looks sharp in that photo.

PaleMoonDeath1111d ago

All of a sudden, Ubisoft and Activision are looking mighty attractive as companies. Never thought I'd say those words in a sentence jeez..

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The story is too old to be commented.