LEGO Dimensions could leave the competition behind this Christmas

Dealspwn: "Unfortunately for Activision, Disney Interactive and Nintendo, though, the new kid on the block is set to eclipse the lot of them. LEGO Dimensions is handily the most important TTL franchise we've seen yet, not because of its new licensing deals, but also because it corrects the most glaring short-sighted issue that Skylanders, Amiibo and Disney Infinity 2.0 still haven't managed to solve.

Or in other words: LEGO Dimensions finally gets the "Toy" bit right rather than offering us Happy Meal rejects."

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bggriffiths1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

This is looking like the frontrunner if I was ever going to buy into the whole Toys To Life genre. Still, it's ridiculously expensive for what it is. Fingers crossed there's plenty of gameplay to support it.

Blues Cowboy1312d ago

Yeah, though converging it with actual LEGO was a masterstroke.

Gamer19821311d ago

Disagree purely because the other ones are already expensive as it is and this one raises the price even more. A lot of people will choose Disney and skylanders purely because of price as they are over £30 cheaper for starter packs and £10 cheaper per kit. Paying that extra because there LEGO is a joke.

ZeekQuattro1310d ago

I'll give the edge to Infinity 3.0 for Star Wars alone.