Capcom nailed the DmC: Definitive Edition. Get it now for £18.95

Dealspwn: If you've read our review, you'll know that DmC: Definitive Edition comes highly recommended and this £18.95 deal is the best price to be found on the net. With DmC and Resident Evil, Capcom has proved that their HD remasters are amongst the best in the business.

The frame-rate is slicker than ever and the optional turbo mode makes the game 20% faster. It's a challenge for those fingers, and this release is aiming to please the hardcore fans with a huge amount of extra difficulty settings. The last-gen DLC is included too including the Virgil's Downfall expansion and a new Bloody Palace mode for him. Capcom has recently said they're planning on doing even more HD remasters too. We've even been through a list of candidates.

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Blues Cowboy1313d ago

Tempted to grab it for post-Witcher/Batman summer blues.

ninsigma1313d ago

I plan on getting back into ff 7, 8 and 9 with these bad boys during the summer blues :D

OT: I really think this was a pointless remaster. It was a good enough game but it was available to the widest possible audience to begin with so I don't see why it (and other multiplats) needed to be remastered.

Army_of_Darkness1313d ago

What are summer blues?? When it's cloudy and rains too much during the summer?

ninsigma1313d ago

Well I live in yeah pretty much! xD