Kept you waiting, huh? The Division Grows Larger

Callum drops in with some much awaited news on The Division. He also discusses the drip feed style of information distribution this game has seen thus far.

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seanpitt231261d ago

If the division doesn't get a release date soon I think it will not be coming out this year. It will be all on rainbow six seige. Personally I think the division will be out mid to late next year.

shocked6861261d ago

Yeah I tend to agree. It's been so long with no word on release date or even additional info.

Menkyo1261d ago

It will most likely get one at E3 next month.

Magicite1261d ago

For some reason Ubisoft games tend to get overhyped more than they deserve.

curtis921261d ago

Here's the thing about The Division... it's going to be the cool game to hate by the time it comes out. Regardless if it deserves it.

rdgneoz31261d ago

If they take their time and make it a great game, no one will hate it. If they release a broken piece of crap (like Unity) or show amazing gameplay and graphics and then nerf it (like Watch Dogs), people will be pissed and hate it.

Though seeing as they now have 4 devs (all in different countries) working together on the game, hopefully it comes out OK. Hopefully the phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen" doesn't come into play.

callumjack1261d ago

I was thinking of writing that in the article, but suddenly I was in a loop of singing Too Many Cooks

phoenixwake1261d ago

I agree with you for the most part and they should take their time and complete their project, but it's impossible to make something that nobody hates, let alone a videogame. There's always gonna be haters.

Toiletsteak1261d ago

I really don't think this will make it this year, i hope i am wrong though.

GreetingsfromCanada1261d ago

I doubt they would keep throwing more studios into the mix if they didn't intend on releasing it this year.

Meltic1261d ago

delay Another time wont make it GOLD. Only worse. This game had the potential to be 2014 GOTY but something Went wrong beacuse the delay after delay....

blackout1261d ago

I really do think this is thee console mmo everyone is waiting for. MMO'S don't take 2y to make. With that said I hope it's good, this has to be one of my most anticipated games this gen so far.

Saijahn1261d ago

i can't see them releasing this and rainbow six in the same time frame.

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GreenUp1261d ago

I hope it's a bit like GRAW 1 and 2. GRAW was such a great game. Gameplay was fantastic.

ChouDa1261d ago

I've heard that this game's been in development for many years prior to the public announcement in 2013's E3. Hopefully, all the time and money spent is just them ensuring that the game is going to be amazing?

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The story is too old to be commented.