Chinese women getting paid to ‘escort’ male online gamers in growing trend

Remember those women in South Korea who get paid money to film themselves eating large meals to provide company for any lonely diners out there? It appears that a similar trend is growing in popularity in China, only this time with male online gamers who pay an hourly wage for online female escorts to play with them.

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aquaticDonut1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

There are a lot of lonely, desperate Chinese men. It's not even that they're paying women. That they're actually paying ANYONE just to play with them is just sad, man.

Sureshot1225d ago

Don't really see the difference with this and paying someone to talk to on the phone..

aquaticDonut1225d ago

You say that like it's supposed to make it less sad.

Pastorfuzz1225d ago

Agreed. Also, Having a girlfriend or wife will cost more in the long run

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ameliabaz1225d ago

Aren't there 50 million more men than women in China? I kinda get why some of them are so lonely. It must suck knowing that, statistically, such a large number of people in your country will never find a significant other.

rdgneoz31225d ago

When a country has had a problem with female infanticide that spans 2000 years, the country is somewhat to blame.

ShaunCameron1224d ago

It's the fallout of the one-child policy.

1225d ago
DAVIL31225d ago

A woman would never distract a true gamer. Of course When you are man enough to have your own girlfriend.

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