Nintendo abandons plans to release consoles in China, report claims

Wii U and 3DS platform holder Nintendo will not follow Sony and Microsoft into the Chinese market, it has been claimed.

Tokyo based games consultant Serkan Toto has said Nikkei has reported that “Nintendo will not execute prior plan to manufacture consoles for the Chinese market”.

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LOL_WUT1317d ago

Any gain would've been great for Nintendo IMO but since it isn't doing so well in other regions this was the most reasonable thing to do. ;)

Concertoine1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I dont know, i think Nintendo could've made some dough in China. None of their games would be offensive to the government like a lot of Xbone/PS4 games. They also already released the iQue there a long time ago.

benji1011317d ago

Clever. Total wasteof money. Korea and China are PC gamers.

donwel1317d ago

Again the games media prove that they don't know shit about the industry, Nintendo are already in China as they have been since the 2002 joint venture with iQue. So that puts them there before Sony and Microsoft, mvcuk. But you would have known that if:
a) You knew anything about the goings on in the industry
b) Bothered to fact check once in a while instead of clickbaiting.