Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo (PS Vita) Review | Cubed3

The Armored Core series is one that always seemed a bit more deserving of love. There has always been a cult following for the titles, but it never made its way to the top tier of gaming series royalty, which is a bit surprising. Mecha-based combat in an entirely customisable vehicle just sounds like an amazing formula, and it is one the series worked to perfection almost a decade ago. Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo seems to be trying its hardest to be a smaller, portable Armored Core and the comparisons between the two titles are obvious almost immediately after starting. There are brief moments where it almost works and Damascus Gear is fairly enjoyable. Sure, it feels a bit like a little kid stomping around in their dad's boots and pretending to be grown-up, but it has that adorable "Aw, look how hard it's trying to be big!" sort of feel to it. It's Armored Gear but not quite Armored Gear. Unfortunately, as it goes on, it feels more and more like not-quite-Armored Gear and it becomes harder and harder to overlook the numerous flaws.

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