E3 2015 : Expected News Announcements

E3 2015 is going to be absolutely huge. Huge. And if you’re like us, you’re already salivating at the thought of what exactly the year’s biggest gaming stage will bring. E3 news comes in a major flurry of punches during the conferences, with more news to come during the days on the show floor. But, the big, juicy gaming news will come during the press conferences.

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breakpad1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

what does "meow" meow" on the roof ?? any special prediction here ...dumb article

Retroman1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

not address to you Castillo

Each E3 we always are suckered blindly to fall for developers half completed, glitched filled games.
why??? because we will not stop buying what they promise to make a Complete game. instead it is filled with patches,dlc,half done, filled with glitches. why create a full COMPLETED game when you can make a shitty game and still have mind "control" sheeps make you millions in the bank.

are gamers BLIND????

on_line_forever1112d ago

parasite eve , vagrant story , Dino crisis , the legend of dragon , crash bandicoot ,tenchu and onimusha

i hope we see one of those epic games in E3 .

yellowgerbil1112d ago

When The PS4 was announced I was so excited that we'd finally get a Dinosaur game, then they cancelled it. Dino Crisis would definitely be a great surprise.

Fkhalf161112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

But there's a dinosaur type of game currently in development by Guerilla Games, supposed to be 3rd person RPG Open world under the name Project Horizon and I think we will finally see SONY reveal the game at this year E3 since concept art leaked out last year and most thought they would reveal it at TGS or the Playstation Event, looks like it maybe E3.

fOrlOnhOpe571112d ago

I hope it's good for all gamers.As a Sony fan, I hope for a leak-free run up to E3.

Fkhalf161112d ago

yeah same here but I doubt it, Im expecting leaks the week before E3, it usually happens.

Rimeskeem1112d ago

I agree, I would prefer if everything was saved until the conference.