Tom Clancy's The Division News: Online Multiplayer; Map Size; Base of Operations, DLC Support

Ubisoft Annecy has been revealed to be joining Massive Entertainment, Red Storm ,and Ubisoft Reflections on the game.

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ScorpiusX1311d ago

My most anticipated game , can't wait to play.

kingeliran1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

The game is nice probaby will fail to deliver its ubisoft after all.. dont expect to much (watch dogs)

KyRo1310d ago

Ubisoft has had a rough start this generation but last generation the produced and published some incredible games. We shouldn't play them off because of their rough start of this gen.

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moomoo3191311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

I thought that article about too many devs working on this game was silly. This is a huge AAA console MMO which Ubisoft plans to maintain as a persistent online platform. It's their world of warcraft. Of course you'd expect multiple dev teams working on this game pre and post release. Is it that crazy for Massive to make the game while RedStorm designs the guns and Annecy works presumably on UI and online functionality?

OB1Biker1311d ago

It's not a problem per se. The main thing to worry about is that it's Ubi and that practice of theirs had mixed results

_-EDMIX-_1311d ago

But I don't think those "mixed" results are based on having many teams. Most studios have more then one team based on certain aspects, just because Sony may call a team 1 word, doesn't mean by Sony internally they are seen as 1 team, they may been see as "pre-production" or "engine" or "post production" etc.

I don't fault Ubisoft based on Unity in terms of the engines issues as its a new next gen only engine that is very demanding and easily one of the best looking engines thus far this gen, I fault them for knowingly releasing it with issues, but this title just by being online MMO will have networking issues day 1, regardless of betas.

Its just how it is, hell look at Destiny, from a alpha to beta, still had launch issues.

This team very much needs a networking team that knows what they are doing regarding a stable network.

I can't say that having many teams work on a title is why it had evidence actually really points to that, hell United Fronts worked on Halo MCC....they the reason why it had launch issues? Many teams sometimes get outsourced help in areas they are not good in, would it be better to have the game launch with a horrible network structure? Or net code?

ThichQuangDuck1311d ago

I just want Freedom Fighters 2

PowerPlayaaa1311d ago

Uffffffff Freedom Fighters <3

A lost gem that needs to be brought back.

ThichQuangDuck1310d ago

When I originally saw the division I thought it would be close enough. I was wrong. A Freedom Fighters of modern times with all of the U.S. whew.

That game was so ahead

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