Konami Has Prices For Metal Gear Solid V Clothing Range

A few days ago Konami teased MGSV: The Phantom Pain Clothing line. Now there have been more pictures and prices for each piece of clothing.

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Kalebninja1133d ago

Kojimas line was better.

MasterCornholio1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Next thing you know they will be taking away the clothes from you

Oh well at least it will give us all the chance to dress up as naked snake.

Except this time we are taking off our pants. Now tell that to Mr. Anderson.


Fil1011132d ago

Konami can suck me big purple headed warrior after the sh*t they pulled.

The_Sage1132d ago

Yep... Agreed with Fil101. Suck it, Konami.