On falsely advertising The Witcher 3 and what must be done

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Will we ever know who was behind the Conan O’Brien Xbox One Witcher 3 lie?

"But perhaps what we should be making noises about is stopping pre-orders; demanding that publishers be transparent about exactly what they’re showcasing instead of leading us on a run-around; and, importantly, not pre-ordering games."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima952d ago

"MWEB GameZone Writes: "Will we ever know who was behind the Conan O’Brien Xbox One Witcher 3 lie?"

I bet anything it was Microsoft. Why on earth would CDPR do that? Microsoft is notorious for doing this crap.

"But Perhaps we should be making noises about is stopping pre-orders; demanding that publishers be transparent about exactly what they’re showcasing instead of leading us on a run-around; and, importantly, not pre-ordering games."

I wouldn't want to hurt the developers if it's not their fault though. All I know is this stuff needs to stop!

HanCilliers952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

I agree, most probably was Microsoft, and the author states that more clearly in the article. I mean, they did it a while back with that video on the XBox channel.

Beats me why they tried to pull it off again, blatant disrespect for viewers.

But the author's point regarding pre-orders is very valid. It's a bad practice.

bouzebbal952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

MS control the way their products are advertised. This is just one more example.
You cannot blame the developer because they have no interest in lying to make xbox one version better than it is because they know they are still selling loads of copies on other platforms.
Blame the manufacturer himself for lying.. One of the reasons i HATE Microsoft.
who to blame for this? remember?

starrman1985952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

Is it possible that this was recorded some time back? When perhaps CDPR weren't happy with their xbox build, Microsoft have obviously paid for the advertising rights - and they had to go ahead with filming so used a PC build with a Microsoft controller?

I don't really condone this marketting as it is is false advertising, but maybe there was more at work - who knows!

Edit: Okay, watched the full video, they never actually say it was being played on Xbox One - the video was filmed a while back on an old PC build at a time when the console versions probably weren't up to scratch (considering this current generation games are usually worked on more even after production!)

I don't see anything wrong with the video however it should have been mentioned that this was running on an old PC build. I am sure if CDPR had a fully functioning copy of Witcher 3 running on Xbox One they would have displayed that. But this is their work of art and they may not have wanted it show in whatever state it was in at the time, I fully appreciate that.

I noticed some of the textures in that video actually looked worse than what I've seen from PS4/Xbox One footage so I think people are being incredibly perdantic about this.

Volkama952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

I'd say it was most likely Bandai Namco. They're showing the game in it's best light, while sticking to the terms of the marketing deal they have with Microsoft.

But it is also entirely possible that it's all Microsoft. Perhaps in league with the reverse vampires and working for the saucer people.

BeefCurtains952d ago

Oh no, what ever shall we do?

Witcher 3 is not a "Microsoft" product. It is CDPR. So let's get at least a few details correct here

The game was being advertised for the benefit of all platforms, and CDPR.

Conan has a Marketing agreement with MICROSOFT, so regardless of what any of you want, the game had to be marketed as MICROSOFT on his show. Not PS4... He doesn't care what console is on the cover, his contract dictates what he can put on his show! Got an issue with that? Call Conan. His bank account will laugh at this stupid controversy and console war.

CDPR wants the best version of the game shown, therefore, PC. It was a win/wn for their advertising purposes! Show best version? Check. Show the version that has a marketing deal with Conan? Check.

If The game goes on Jimmy Fallon, and he has a deal with Sony, guess what? They'd do the same thing.

Sono421952d ago

Okay now I know this is way off topic and may seem a bit random but this is a perfect instance to bring this up.

So let's say that this were a Nintendo game.. Nintendo would now be asking for %75 of the profit that this episode and video made because it showcases their game. Now if you were the exec of this show would you showcase a Nintendo game and now share 75% of your profit?... or showcase literally any other game and get all profit? The choice is obvious.

Now this is for those who have so far failed to understand how idiotic and greedy Nintendo is being with their youtube policies and hopefully now you understand that, because if you replace the youtuber and the youtube video with a TV host and a show, you automatically take the side of the show, but let's be honest if this was a Nintendo game they wouldn't have the balls to ask for 75% of the profit, but yet they do it to youtubers?

That's messed up considering a lot of youtubers have just as much sway and get as many views as tv shows do. So why the double standard Nintendo? Explain... please.

darthv72952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

Man... it's clueless gamer segment on conan. These are not done to sway anyone's choice in what to get but simply show a game and his funny reactions to the on screen events.

It's also why he give out such outrageous scores. they arent meant to be taken seriously and anyone who thinks different obviously doesnt understand his show.

this is not the same thing as demoing it at a game convention. this is purely for humor.

All the keyboard warriors have way to much time on their hands if they want to argue which controller he holds or copy of a game he satirically reviews.

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OrangePowerz952d ago

I would be the last person on earth defending MS, but was it said that it's running on Xbox or just implied? If it's just implied I don't see it as wrong advertisement.

Articuno76952d ago

Watch the video. It becomes clear that it goes beyond being implied to being silently screamed within the first few seconds.

HanCilliers952d ago

Check the article, evidence clearly stated with images

OrangePowerz952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

They don`t say it`s played on Xbox, they show the Xbox One packaging (since MS has an advertisement deal for the game) and play with a controller (because playing with mouse and keyboard would look stupid on TV).

People blow every little thing out of proportion especially when in their mind it`s about falsely advertising something. They advertised the game and the showed the Xbox box, they didn`t say it`s played on Xbox. People like to find huge issues even when there are no issues.

I don`t like MS and I don`t like their business practices, but that here is a non issue just blown up to get clicks and get conversations going. The gaming "media" is a cancer to the industry and just pollutes the internet for the sake of getting clicks, money and getting people to argue about stuff.

I read the article and there is no evidence. Or is it evidence if somebody holds up a box or plays on PC with a controller? No that is not evidence. There would be evidence if they would have said they play on Xbox, but they didn`t say that.

StarLord_Who952d ago

It was the publisher. This type of situation advertsises the game. The publishers are always behind that. Don't let your fanboy crap take over what's really happening here.

shloobmm3952d ago

This shouldn't even be an issue. They never said it was the XB1 version and never said they were playing it on an XB1. Gamers have become a bunch of whiny ass babies that only jump to conclusions. It's a pathetic. Microsoft isn't notorious for doing this. Sony has done this shit more than anyone. Trying to pass CGI off as actual gameplay and what not.

It would have had to have been CDPR. They were showing the witcher 3 off. Hell there are even pictures of Conan with Damien Monnier. Why would Microsoft be running a promo of the Witcher 3 through Conan and not blasting Xbox One all over the damn thing. I imagine Conan would have said " The Witcher 3 coming out on Xbox one or mentioned he was playing on the Xbox one.

joab777952d ago

This is NOT the game to do this with. Gimme a break. CD Projekt Red has bee amazing when it comes to games.

Firat, they are making a huge game for this gen only, asking $60 for a ton of quality gameplay, free dlc etc.

If we don't know who was resposible, no way.

KarmaV12952d ago

"Why on earth would CDPR do that?"

Is it really not that obvious?? Showing off THIER game (not Microsoft's) in the best possible way. Using the best version of the game to make people think the game looks that great on all platforms. It's really not difficult to understand. Although I understand how one could assume MS was behind this, I don't think it was them.

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Sillicur952d ago

I wonder if its paid PR by MS, could be i guess. Question is, was CD Projekt RED in on it?

rdgneoz3952d ago

MS has a marketing deal with CDPR. So pretty much all the ads you see say to buy the game on xbone. However, you have cases like the xbox YouTube channel showing gameplay with an xbox symbol in the corner, basically promoting that as actual xbone gameplay when it was in fact PC footage. That was changed later on to have a line stating that it was infact PC footage and a "sorry" statement...

And now this where they show the xbone game box off several times and show the xbone controller throughout the clueless gamer episode, without once mentioning it was PC gameplay. I can see CDPR being forced to show the xbone box because of the marketing agreement the two companies have, but they should have at least had a thing stating it was PC footage. It's blatant false advertising and is being intentionally done to mislead people into getting the game on xbone.

marlinfan10952d ago

"Official gameplay trailer: ps4" while showing pc footage. Let's start a new witch hunt!

rdgneoz3952d ago

And xbone's video had the xbox logo stamped on the video the whole time (which they've since changed - took the stamp out ).

joab777952d ago

I don't know a ton but is it easier to show a game in a segment like this on a PC? I assume they skip around etc.

marlinfan10951d ago

Oh okay, MS is so much worse since playstation didn't put a logo on it LOL. Most likely because xbox has advertising rights and PS cant. I'm not saying one is worse than the other, my point is both are guilty while we have people running wild freaking out about how MS does it. I really don't even see what the big deal about all of this is.

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bmwfanatic952d ago

This has ms all over it. What's funny is they paid for advertising rights and the xbone version will be the worst selling version.

soulsx952d ago This is xbox one gameplay, game looks fantastic, video is captured on game dvr xbo is only 720p and we knows that the dvr dont keep the true quality but game realy look grate i buy pre-order long time ago and im happy :-)

DarkBlood952d ago

I usually preorder based on several instances

-collectors/special/whathavey ou

- limited run games like the tales of series etc

- or if you were too late like me the majoras mask system

- games you know will stop having copies after initial shipments
and so forth

I dont see how its bad practice in its entirety I mean if I had not preordered the metriod trilogy or the skyward sword bundle I would be screwed out of my chance to obtain one

and that's my moral of the whole thing.

Kidmyst952d ago

It's mostly where people pre-order from where money down is needed. That's usually the biggest pre-order thing most avoid. I pre-order my games on Amazon, no money down, it's like a list of games I am interested in and can remove the game at any time, free Prime shipping gets the game on my doorstep the day of release, no out of the way retail stops. Plus like you said, helps lock in truely limited editions I really want.

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