Konami Planning a Metal Gear Solid V Bundle?

A new rumour has surfaced online teasing the notion that publisher Konami might be releasing a bundle for Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V in the near future.

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DarkOcelet1261d ago

So they are bundling GZ with TPP eh? That was expected to come along the way.

And if you guys think about it...

Ground Zeroes was basically a Season Pass to The Phantom Pain with a 30$ price.

Skate-AK1261d ago

Luckly I got it for $8 on a PSN sale. I still have missions to play through too.

Mr_GoolyPunch1261d ago

Excellent value for money there - I got it for about the same. Would have been really upset paying 30 for it...

LaFleur1261d ago

An MGSV bundle would not surprise me at all, to be honest.

SolidGear31261d ago

Pretty sure everyone expected this.

Chaos_Raiden1261d ago

Would definitely buy MGSV: Ground Zeroes + Phantom Pain bundle.

Joe9131261d ago

Ol Foxtrot was right lol couldn't wait though.

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