SEGA to Release 46 Free-to-Play Games Before March 2016

SEGA are going on a mad one this year with plans to release 46 free-to-play titles.

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DarkOcelet1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

So we will be getting 46 pay to play type of games before March 2016 from Sega. No thank you.

chrish19901229d ago

Another 46 turds to add to the app stores. Bless 'em, I do miss the old SEGA.

DarkOcelet1229d ago

They should have just made a deal with Sony/MS to make Shenmue 3 exclusive to the console in exchange of production budget on them.

Or they could have made Vanquish 2. SMH

mikeslemonade1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

That's atleast 46 games I will not be playing.

DarkOcelet, now you are speaking my language. Not the Vanquish bit though.

DarkOcelet1229d ago


Well, Vanquish was a game you would either hate or love. But nobody can deny that the gameplay was Boss!

zeal0us1229d ago

I hope one of those games is Phantasy Star Online 2

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3-4-51229d ago

* These won't be like " tap the screen 4" or "Swipe the screen 7" will they ?

They will be actual legit real games ?

KryptoniteTail1229d ago

Quality over quantity, Sega. If any of these are decent then port them over to Vita at least.

Agent_hitman1229d ago

No problem.. As long as those games are interesting.

Activemessiah1229d ago

The stench of desperation is overwhelming.

chrisx1229d ago

RIP to the old awesome sega

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The story is too old to be commented.