Nintendo Says No NX and No Smart Device Announcements at E3

Oh, and no announcements about Nintendo’s quality of life platform. Guess you’ll just have to be content with 3DS and Wii U news!

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Ghost_of_Tsushima927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

Well I don't like the WiiU so guess I'll watch Nintendo's next E3 in 2016 since I'm very excited to hear more about the NX.

MegaRay927d ago

What if NX is just a stronger WiiU?

RmanX1000927d ago

I'm okay with this actually. I'd rather them talk about mobile and NX closer to their releases. The WiiU and 3DS have some awesome games coming out this year. Localizations for Bravely Second and The Great Ace Attorney as well as some english gameplay for Xenoblade X would be nice.