Project Cars pulls into the No.1 spot in the UK weekly charts

Project Cars has shot straight into the No.1 Spot in the UK Weekly charts.

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lilmisscherry1230d ago

That article was a duplicate that somehow got through.

ChronoJoe1229d ago

But it was submitted before this one?

I don't care, it's not like I submitted either of them. But it's the notion that they are 'somehow' getting through. People that approve articles need to be more vigilant.

lilmisscherry1229d ago

No, his was after. Look at the number in the url. Just because an article was approved before someone elses doesn't make it first.

ChronoJoe1229d ago

Oh I see. That's deceptive. The timestamps on the pages make it seem as though this one was submitted after that the other article.

jonivtec1230d ago

Really solid racing game..i must agree!!It will force turn 10 and polyphony to remove their head from their ass....particulary polyphony.

hkgamer1230d ago

i disagree with polyphony having their head up their ass but it would push them to be more competitive. they seem to have no clear direction, they are perfectionist when they create new car models yet they have classic models which makes no sense what so ever.

jonivtec1229d ago

perfectionnist is one thing i agree...but the result is simply not there.And dont forget the launch time...almost 6 years for gt5.Sorry my english im french:)

hkgamer1230d ago

it is the first racing sim on the ps4 so i am guessing GT fans were waiting for this game.

i guess it could be pretty exciting for racing sim fans, there is a new game out that would compete directly with gt/forza, before it was in a sense only those 2 games and if you only had 360/ps3 than you didnt even have a choice for which one to buy.

windblowsagain1230d ago

I do like the game, but find the physics model a mixed bag. Every car feels bouncy.