Skyrim "a poor choice to promote" paying for mods, had "vibrant community around it already"

From GameWatcher: "Galactic Civilizations 3 lead designer Paul Boyer has said choosing Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the 'flagship title' for the new integrated market for selling mods was "a poor choice" given its established community of creators.

In our interview on the space 4X, he says it 'understandably upset' people. Overall a market for purchasing mods would be "great for the game industry." It would need a new game to work."

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bednet1286d ago

I think charging for mods is a terrible idea all around...The main issues are:
- Support: There is no guaranteed support...if it breaks with the next update and the modder doesn't're screwed.
- Quality: There is no'll get cheap mods that are overpriced mixed along with great mods...scams and greed to come.
- Piracy: It will become a thing for mods...
- Community: There will be none...nobody will share code. Light side (Free) vs. Dark side (Pay) community split.
- Plagiarism: When a mod is successful, expect copycats to well...copy. Now that money is involved it becomes serious.

hkgamer1286d ago

the problem wasnt really with the content creators though. it was with the crazy internet people.

lots of content creators that made syrim mods and had retired from the scene came back an added an update to put on steam. not sure if they would have carried on or if they would have stopped there though.

total biscuit did an interview/podcast with a content creator and the guy who runs nexus(?) which is a skyrim modding community. they had a great opinions but i guess they cant represent everyone.

valve should have stuck with it and see what happens in the long run. if people still hated it then they could pull the plug, it was way too soon and usually the internet crazy people would have got bored and find the next big thing to complain about.

new games wouldnt work so well because the game can still get updates and that can ruin a mod.

Saryk1286d ago

Talk about mass hysteria.

1. Devs didn't have to charge if they didn't want to.
2. Users didn't have to buy if they didn't want to.
3. All of this was a mutual agreement between the game creator, the mod creators and the distributors.

Last thing. This hysterical BS did nothing. If you think paid mods are gone, you're crazy!

thricetold1286d ago

Spot on Paul! Bunch of entitled brats who think modders DON'T deserve to be compensated for all their time and effort. Nope, they think a good job or a pat on the back pays bills. News flash, it doesn't.

This is simple they just want free stuff because as they themselves admit, it's always been this way! Its one of the first benefits they list to pc gaming uber great graphics and FREE mods. They have been using free mods to make fun of console dlc for ages, they don't care about the modders, they just want free content.