Persona 5 Release Window Revealed

Persona 5's North American and Japanese 2015 release window has been revealed by SEGA SAMMY via their latest fiscal year 2015 earnings release.

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RmanX1000928d ago

2015 for US too?! Awesome! I was expecting April or May 2016.

FluxWaveZ928d ago

For now, it would be unfair to not take Atlus USA at their word. They've indeed stated that 2015 will be the release date for the NA version of Persona 5 on several occasions:

RmanX1000928d ago (Edited 928d ago )

I don't think it would be unfair since most JRPG localizations take more than a few months to release after their JP release. I'm not really doubting them, but history shows that typically it takes a while haha. Regardless, excited for the game and can't wait to play it.

Blank928d ago

I am trying my best to do a media blackout on Persona release date until true official word but my excitement as 2015 breezes by I cant help but to keep looking at rumors!

Why o why928d ago

I would be good to play some weirdness around xmas. I'm hoping this is true

DonkeyDoner928d ago

dragon quest heroes and persona 5 for my holiday

no_more_heroes928d ago

Please just get here as soon as possible!

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