WhatIfGaming E3 '08: Final Fantasy XIII Sit Down With Shinji Hashimoto - "VII Not Even Being Considered"

WhatIfGaming Interviews Shinji Hashimoto.

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Surfman3773d ago

He cant tell anyway, Square Enix are always quiet on everything. Who knew about XIII on xbox? Nobody. We need to wait till TGS, i'm sure there's something about that coming. Square already said there's a huge announcement soon about FFVII. What else other than the remake? And they know it's going to be a huge hit.

Veryangryxbot3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

We have to be realistic about this. We should not stoop to xbot level. We have been bashing bots all year for being in denial and delusional and for making shiat up all the time because the reality is that their console is so boring.

We should not do the same thing now. Realistically, there is no FF7 remake. Realistically, Square Enix has sold us out. They have been lying to us and fking us over for years now. They just didnt say it.

They have given the 360 games like Infinite Discovery as exclusives.
All this time, they told us that we would get the "A games" (FFs). So no one complained about it.

Then they made The Last Remnant timed exclusives. People are like "wtf". And they are like: "you have FF dont you". And fans went quiet again.

Then they gave SO4 to the 360. And another outrage. And as usual "you get the A games, dont you" from SE, silenced most people.

But look at it now. I bet you that the reason that they did not write the words "SO4 exclusive for the 360" is because they feared a backlash of fans. Even though this game isnt even coming out for the PS3. They just dont mention it and release it for the 360. A year later, who cares right?

This is the FKED up company you are talking about right now. Just look at the interview. Props to the guy raising the question. And look at how quickly SE asked for another question. Does this look like the image of a company thrilled to bring SO4 to the PS3? NO. On the contrary.

Fans moaned about Last Remnant, Infinite Discovery and SO4. But as usual the "you have the A games, dont you" quickly silenced everyone.

But look at it now, bro. FF13 is no longer PS3 exclusive. Whats their excuse now? And even now, all those games I mentioned above are still favored to the 360. SE has been fking us over for a very long time now. They cry about how they want everyone to experience their games but at the same time, this does not apply to the PS3.

Bro, they are money hungry. They dont know the term loyalty. And even now, fans like you, are quiet. WHy? Because of some hope that SE would return to the PS3 camp full glory announcing a game thats not coming?

Read the interview dude. Even if they announce it THEN, it would still take 3 years or so to make it! Realistically, this game is not coming.

And considering the trend they have set, its more likely that KH3 will be multi platform as well.

Sony fked up in this regard: they trusted SE too much. Sony dont have any RPGs in the work because they thought that area would be covered by FF13 and VS13 and some other RPG makers. Realistically, you dont have to waste resources when you know that area is covered by FF and some other SE projects. But look at it now. There are no "additional" SE projects and FF13 is not exclusive anymore.

SE backstabbed Sony and their fans. Now Sony is walking behind the facts, they need to quickly react to this by securing RPGs from other developers and start the Shadow of the Colosses 2, Dark Cloud, Legend of series.

Sony needs to relocate resources at once. There is little time to waste.

SEs betrayal is akin to the betrayal of Paramount. These companies lack vision and foresight. EVen though HD DVD was about to die, Paramount caved in at the checkbook and showed they lacked foresight. They put their money on the wrong horse. And the only thing they managed to do was prolong the battle for a few months. A few months later, HD DVD died in a matter of days. Whats happening now, is the same. The PS3 is having the momentum right now and all the signs show that it is going to surpass the 360 this year even. By then, there will almost be no excuses for developers to not treat the PS3 better than the 360 (not equally, but better, as the potential is with the PS3 and not with the 360).

SE is a disgusting company and they only reason why they are getting away with this, is because FANS let them get away with this. Instead of questioning their actions, fans become dreamers "hoping that SE would redeem themselves by announcing secret project X, SO4 or FF7".

Bro, be realistic about this. SE has betrayed us and they arent going to redeem themselves. If everyone kept hoping, than that would mean SE is getting away with this kind of shiat.

But Im telling you, they arent going to redeem themselves. Because the only loyalty they have, is the loyalty of money.

Rob0g0rilla3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

It's coming to PS3. Lol, there's already 2 Star Ocean remakes coming to PSP. I believe they'll announce Star Ocean IV on PS3 next year.

I really think we'll get Final Fantasy VII remake at some point. Square Enix has a lot projects on their hands so it's completely understandable why we won't be seeing it for awhile.


Big difference with MGS4 situation is that it's on PS3.

Were talking about a JRPG exclusively on a system that I think we can all agree the Japanese hate. This game will sell better on PS3 in Japan. It's coming to PS3.

Breakfast3773d ago

Just like Final Fantasy is coming to the xbox 360.

Very unfair trade....but what do i care.


LaChance3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

SO4 on PS3 is not even in consideration yet.They clearly said after it comes out on 360 they'll see if it comes to PS3 or not.So no matter what you'll be geting this game something like 1 year after 360 does or never.

Kojima says MGS4 isnt coming to 360 : sony fanboy says "oh yeah , of course it isnt coming"

Square and Tri Ace say SO4 isnt planned for PS3 : sony fanboy says "oh yeah , its coming to PS3 of course"

Square says FF13 simultanious release in USA and EU : sony fanboy says "shut up xbot , its coming to 360 1 year after the ps3 ? HAHAHA PWNED , take that xbot !"

And as for FF7 , with versus coming out probably in end 2009 (USA and EU) or early 2010 I dont think a FF7 remake is coming out anytime soon.

CAPT IRISH3773d ago


With SO4 not planned for the ps3, it must be part of the deal with MS not to announce it yet.

UnSelf3773d ago

Correct me if im wrong, but when 13 and versus 13 were announced for the very 1st time wasnt it concluded that they were coming out at the same exact time? has this changed and if so when?

Dark vader3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

It does not matter, its better to wait anywayz since the ps3 version will for sure have extra content. Look at eternal sonata and bioshock. the amount of extra content that eternal sonata is going to have for the ps3 is mind blowing. The same can be said for bioshock.

The fact that start ocean was not tag as an xbox exclusive at microsoft press conference, almost confirms that this game is coming for the ps3.

Honeal2g3773d ago

if you read into his response he basically puts it out that its timed exclusive and he isnt at liberty to discuss..."next question please" and fyi i am a 360 owner and ps2 owner so i;m pretty unbiased...when it comes to sony and microsoft ..but say this with great pride The Wii could Burn in Hell...

B-Rein3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

"We want to share as many as possible, but sometimes certain conditions come in the way that prevent that. Next question please"

owh i see so ms did bribe them "Certian conditions"

M$: we will give you this money as long as you release it on our sh*tbox 360 and only on that or timed exclusive, if you dont well rape all your children and wives, mark our words we know where you all live mhuhahahahhaha

AngryXbot3773d ago

reason of fear of a backlash from fans.

SO4, as it stands right now, is not coming to the PS3. No use in questioning it. If it was coming, it would have been announced already. If it was coming, then that filth wouldnt quickly avoid the question.

I mean read the interview. Does it even look like as if they are happy and thrilled about porting the game to the PS3? No.

The truth is that its probably an exclusive and they didnt name it so because they feared fans would react strongly to it. SE has been fking us over for years now. They gave 360 Infinite Discovery, Last Remnant timed exclusive, SO4 and FF13.

PS3 fans have gained nothing in the meantime. And all these years they kept saying how FF13 would be PS3 exclusive. They can rot in hell for all I care. The company has changed and they will no longer have my support.

Guys, we need to react to this betrayal and not be passive about it. By constantly keeping hope up and crossing your fingers on a FF7 remake or some other project, you are being passive. SE is not going to redeem themselves ok. FF7 remake is not coming, and even if it did, it will take 3-4 years to make. PS3 owners are shafted no matter how you look at it.

And FF VERSUS may still be exclusive but they arent even going to work on that until FF13 is completed. So add another 2 years for VERSUS13. So whats the point even? PS3 owners get shafted. We need to react to this betrayal STRONGLY NOW. And not be passive about it or else they will think they can get away with this.

If they get away with this, they will do so again in the future. I mean, how can I trust them even now? They say VERSUS13 is exclusive but if it suits them, it will get ported anyway. Their word is worth less than a piece of brick.

The only reason they are getting away with this is because FANS are letting them. I for one refuse and will not. I will not support SE any longer.

sumfood4u3773d ago

Square/Enix just wants to share its Fantastic games with the world, so whats so wrong with that?

Tomdc3773d ago

"VII Not Even Being Considered"


zslash3773d ago

It doesn't say that anyway. The headline is inaccurate.

SH: (laughs) I hate to avoid this question but I will say one thing. We currently know a lot of people are asking for this but we’re already very busy with all of the titles as you mentioned before to be even considering a remake at the moment.

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Angelitos3773d ago

But in order to share as much of its games as possible, wouldn’t Square Enix want to make Star Ocean IV on the PlayStation 3 as well?

SH: We want to share as many as possible, but sometimes certain conditions come in the way that prevent that. Next question please.

We all know, M$ bribed them.

I don't understand why anyone would want to be with a company that bribes games. I just dont get it.

Surfman3773d ago

Youre right. MS ruins videogames.

juuken3773d ago

Square is starting to really piss me off.

They should just come out with it and say they were freakin' bribed.

I highly doubt that they just suddenly decided to make FFXIII multi-plat without being bribed by Microsoft. I remembered this game being advertised as a PS3 exclusive and it was supposed to take advantage of the PS3's graphical capabilities.

All they care about is the cash and we have to accept that.

Harry1903773d ago

like such a greedy pig. Nomura is the only one....Nomura.

iamtehpwn3773d ago

WhatIfGaming: But in order to share as much of its games as possible, wouldn’t Square Enix want to make Star Ocean IV on the PlayStation 3 as well?

SH: We want to share as many as possible, but sometimes certain conditions come in the way that prevent that. Next question please.

incogneato3773d ago

hahaha thats the best quote. square is looking like some hypocrite 2 faced mother fugers. obviously the condition hes talking about is $$$ from Microsoft


Lord_Ash3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

That’s the worst way anyone can get out of a question, lol. So lame it’s like he never got any PR training what so ever.

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