Gaming PCs Surpass New Consoles

The new video game consoles already look pretty wimpy compared with the latest gaming PCs. The Wii? Whatever. The Xbox 360? No match. The PlayStation 3? You can't find one, anyway.

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Maddens Raiders4364d ago

$16,000? Hmm..wonder what Zelda T.P. would look like on that? These poor systems cry out for attention - wait, I can hear them now. lol

THAMMER14364d ago

It's just that your not.

Sell your PS3 and get a PC then.

eques judicii4364d ago

you'd have to sell like 10 ps3's on ebay to afford both of those computers

power of Green 4364d ago

Gaming has became wide spread family home entertainment no one cares about PC gaming-J/K, no really! living room gaming(AKA CONSOLE GAMING) is getting much bigger than PC gaming.

I was at EB games today and I seen kids, teens, House wifes, older men and hole families today buying 360 and Wii console's and sofware.

Social gaming is the new trend that's why Sony had to whip up MS's inovations to compete.

The point is who cares i can't see any families upgrading PC's with 3,4,5,6,7,8 family members in front of a PC.

It's more like PS3 no match? as for the 360 it's made to go hand and hand with PC's.

Anerythristic264364d ago

Agree with this article. The only problem is and I really don't understand why PC gamers don't get this; consoles are not in competition with 3,000 to 10,000 dollar gaming PC's. PC gaming at that level is a niche , technophile market. What kind of person adds a new sound card and RAM just to play a single title they way it should be played? Not John Q. Public!

ChickeyCantor4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

the problem with PC games = that not evryone can play a game with all settings to the maximum, not evry one has 1000's of dollars.

latency between GFX card CPU, RAM, DSP....can just be horrible even if you are running on a dual core 3.2 ghz....not only do you have to understand how computers have to pay much money if you really want to build a PC that is a monster.

for Consoles you wont need any knowledge about SPECS and what you all need to run a game on its maximum.

BTW: i dont see ZELDA/METROID and Such going to the PC. ....i stopt pc gaming a long time fed up with PC problems

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The story is too old to be commented.