PS4 Mad Max Theme Available For Free At EU PS Store; Screenshots Inside

Sony has released a free dynamic PS4 theme for the upcoming hit movie : Mad Max - Fury Road. Screenshots have been included to check out the theme in action.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

That theme looks pretty nice. Would've been nice to have custom sounds also. To bad this isn't for the U.S. as usual.

VER1ON922d ago

True Sony released some EU only themes for other hit movies months ago _ I believe it was Jupiter and The Hobbit?

OB1Biker922d ago

Yea and also Run All Night
I like the Mad Max theme very nice colours. A shame no custom sounds though

Rock-Lee922d ago

As usual? Lol, the US has FAR more themes as it is than Europe. But, why does that even matter these days? I have different accounts for different regions. Yeah, it's weird they still separate content across regions, but just get an extra account and download that shit!

Getting all my games via US Store, cheaper than EU.

Ghost_of_Tsushima922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

I wasn't just referring to EU. Japan gets a lot also. I guess we all get a decent amount though.

EazyC922d ago

Just get a free EU account, us Europeans do it with US accounts to get all the cool US deals and prices on PSN !

AudioEppa922d ago

Already got it off my uk account days ago, it's ok, nothing really special.

Still waiting on custom backgrounds..

VER1ON922d ago

You're welcome. Happy downloading

EazyC922d ago

I hope this film is good and doesn't fall into the 'mediocre reboot' that 90% of these flicks fall into.

mixelon922d ago

Dredd is among the ~10% that aren't mediocre I'm guessing.

EazyC922d ago

Yeah, Dredd was definitely an exception!