Gaming: A Literary Art

"What we all see on the surface of the games we play is an awfully impressive feast for the eyes and ears: the realistic character designs, the quality voice acting that often includes some of Hollywood's biggest talents, and the high-powered graphics engines that power everything from explosions to car chases and massive aerial combat scenes. What often comes with this, and if often neglected in all the excitement, is the true core of the game: the writing. The words that make the games that we play and, indeed, other fictional tales that don't require a hard drive, would be seriously diminished if that quality of the writing lacked. As a tribute to the all important act of writing, we have compiled a series of notable quotes from some of the best written games, both old and new, that show that even though explosions and other cacophonies are what the non-gaming public often associates with video games, they truly do have a voice and know what to do with it."

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Relin3804d ago

It'll be hard to argue that Alucard penned that quote, but it's a good one regardless. Really good list.

cain1413804d ago

Nice list of quotes... I remember most of them.

Avto3804d ago

The last one was the best for sure