Mario Kart 8 races past 5 million milestone

VVV: "Nintendo recently revealed its annual financial results which brought in profits above their expectations. Along with the results came some other pieces of information including sales figures. Nintendo announced that the latest version of their long-running flagship kart racer, Mario Kart 8, has passed the five million sales milestone.

Mario Kart 8 becomes the top selling game on the Nintendo Wii U system with 5.11 million units sold which beats second placed Nintendo Land by over a quarter of a million, in third place is Super Mario 3D World with a little over 4 million units shifted."

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Moonman1262d ago

Well deserved! Love the game even more after almost a full year of owning it! I'm seriously addicted! haha

Kevlar0091261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

The DLC has been top notch, and the 200cc free update is something I would have expected to be added in a future installment. Imo it had one of the best soundtracks of 2014, and it looks amazing.

freshslicepizza1261d ago

they did a good job on this and it really is quite astonishing how large the attach rate is considering how many wii u's have only been sold.

3-4-51261d ago

* Question:

* How many other games in the history of gaming have has this high of an attach rate % ?

Seriously...I've love to see that stat. Can't be many.

jonrhoades871262d ago

You know what that means? It means the folks over at Polygon are having their crow shakes right about now. It seems they wisely removed their stupid pie chart some time ago too, hmmm.

So much for "Only selling a third of the lowest-selling entry in the series". Mario Kart Super Circuit sold about 5.5 million on GBA and methinks MK8 is gonna pass it fellas.

wonderfulmonkeyman1262d ago

Isn't that close to half the total Wii U install base?!
That's freaking NUTS!XD
Imagine the burst of numbers they'd see if they remade battle mode with proper arenas as a free update...

jonrhoades871262d ago

It's over half actually. The fiscal year report puts Wii U LTD at 9.54 million as of March 31st 2015. Still a shade under ten million I would guess currently.

pivotplease1261d ago

Battles are the game's primary flaw. Even as it is though, it is actually my favourite Mario Kart to date. It looks amazing too. It makes the Wii entry look like a joke.

Gemmol1261d ago

this is my exact point of view, even with the not so great battle arena, everything else is better than expected, so when I grade the game I cannot really subtract that much because this is the first mario kart game that made me play so many matches, online and local that I thought was not possible. The crazy part even a year later, with all the DLC, this game is still addictive.

The best thing I heard recently from Nintendo Financial report, they plan to make more DLC for Mario Kart, and all im thinking how do they expect to beat this mario kart next gen. There is no way to beat this mario kart. It have everything that you can possible need in Mario Kart and more.

All I am saying, lets say the new DLC bring the battle arena we wanted, how can Nintendo for next gen beat this Mario Kart. As a developer I would not know what else to add after adding all the things they add.

The only thing I can think of is add more online features, but even with that, its not big enough update feature to take down Mario Kart 8 by itself

DryBoneKoopa851262d ago

Congratulations Nintendo! Amazing game and well deserved. The first and second batch of DLC is also amazing. Hoping for another year of Mario Kart 8 DLC packs.

rainzor1262d ago

Mario Kart 8 PS4 remastered. 1080p 60 fps, Better Graphics, Online and Unique DS4 features

The 10th Rider1262d ago

Mario Kart has a quite functional online and runs at 60fps already...

rainzor1261d ago

Mario Kart 8 is 720p on Wii U though

benji1011261d ago

Ps4 60 fps hahahaahaha get out..

rainzor1261d ago

I can list you a bunch of 60 fps games on PS4, that are far demanding than Mario Kart 8

Last Of Us remastered 1080p 60 fps
Project Cars 1080p 60 fps
DMC 1080p 60 fps
Metro Redux 1080p 60 fps
Advance Warfare 1080p 60fps
Battlefield 4 60 fps
Wolfenstein 1080p 60 fps

That's not even all of it

The Wii U sucks, its underpowered

DarXyde1261d ago


Wii U sucks because it's "underpowered"? By what standard, console? The thing is, you can't really get the same experiences on a Nintendo console but the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are basically underpowered PCs. They even have the same architecture. You wanna talk about underpowered, talk about that. I applaud Nintendo for taking a different direction, even if it has some questionable approaches at times. At least they've been releasing games consistently without much need of day one patches.

You can go ahead and chase 1080p/60fps but the fact is, you'll turn up short over the course of this generation. I love PlayStation 4, but none of the games you listed are exclusive non-remasters. You've either listed remasters, multiplatform games (which develops for the lowest common denominator, in this case Xbox One), or both.

Games that DO take advantage of PlayStation 4 (Bloodborne, Driveclub, inFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Order: 1886, and soon to be Uncharted 4) all run without pushing the gold standard in all conditions. Please humble yourself, you're making other PlayStation fans look cynical.

wegetsignalx1257d ago

PS4 has many 60 fps games, most of which also run at 1080p.

Moonman1261d ago

PS4: It Only Does Remasters?


1261d ago
DryBoneKoopa851261d ago

@ChubbyChuy: You named a game that got remastered for the PS3 and then ported to the PS4. I don't see how that is any better. If anything I see that as worse because now its just a cash grab from Square.

wegetsignalx1257d ago

No, PS4 has many games that aren't remasters.

1261d ago
eagle211261d ago

Unique DS4 features? LMFAO

You see how you didn't say better gameplay? Probably all that would gimp the gameplay that's already perfect on Wii U. The online is excellent. Being Mario Kart 8 is one of the best looking games ever released, take your blinders

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