TurboGrafx the most downloaded Virtual Console games!

According to an unoffical survey at NeoGAF TurboGrafx game Bonk's Adventure is at the top of the list, as one of the most purchased games on the Wii's Download service.

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specialguest4362d ago

i was one of the few i know who actually owned a TG16, then upgrade to a Turbo Duo. i had great times spent playing those games. Bonks Adventure, Y's, Gate of Thunder, etc.

Islandkiwi4362d ago

Do you remember tv sports football? Or streets of rage was awesome as well.

specialguest4362d ago

those TVsport games had made up teams, hahaha
i don't remember Streets of Rage being on the TG16 though.

i bought Street Fighter 1, which was called Fighting Street on the TG16 for whatever legal reason. my brothers and i were excited about the game, but later tragedy struck. when we got home, we found out it was a CD game. sadly, after a couple of years, we finally got a chance to play it on the Turbo Duo.

PS360WII4362d ago

Heh well personally I've been downloading them all. Sure I have them down in the basement but I'm on the top floor with my nice tv and new systems^^