The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Retro Review

It’s time for another retro review. Today it’s The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for Gameboy Advance! This is your typical Zelda game. Link is awakened by the blacksmith, who I presume is his father, to accompany princess Zelda to the town fair. He is charged with delivering a sword made for the winner of the festival tournament. Well, it turns out that an evil wizard is the winner of the tournament and only wants what’s inside of the chest that is kept in the palace. He opens the chest and some evil spirits fly out. He is annoyed and turns the princess to stone to prevent her from causing him problems.

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NukaCola1315d ago

^^^ This is the truth. But I really enjoyed ALL the handheld Zelda titles.

YoungKingDoran1315d ago

Capcom did a great job with this game, as well as the 'Oracle of ...' series on the GBC.

Also: I am getting a 404 error on that link

Skate-AK1315d ago

Try again. Just worked for me on iOS.

1315d ago
Sureshot1315d ago

Minish Cap is retro? F*** I'm old

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