The Top 10 Men Behind The Games

Cloud. Link. Mario. Samus. To most, if not all gamers, these names are part of your everyday vocabulary. They are terms that everyone is familiar with, whether you've played the games 100 times or once. They have become legends, and have withstood the test of time to remain as such. But where is the love for the ones that gave birth to these legends?

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Angelitos3772d ago

Almost all of them are Asians

Anyways, thank god the maker of halo wasnt listed

Madgunner3772d ago

You are video games. I respect you with the highest sense of honor. Thank you for the Metal Gear Solid Series. And may you make many more.

Thank you Kojima

xhairs93772d ago

I bow to thee, Sir Hideo Kojima....

darkshiz3772d ago


Do the Kojima rant.
Love his games.

UnSelf3772d ago

the top 1000000 men behind games: The gamers

Montrealien3772d ago

Angelitos, let me guess, you can't approve right? just troll?

xhairs93772d ago

He's in the gamer zone and that's all that matters.

Montrealien3772d ago

he's in the gamer zone? And that's all that matters? You lost me man. That made no sense. We are posting in pending articles, the least we can do is help then get approved no?

xhairs93772d ago

*Open Zone.

He's commenting in the open zone where he belongs. As far as approving, I don't see you doing much to help contribute considering you didn't approve it either.

Montrealien3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

ummm, I did approve, nice try though.....I was the first or second one in fact.

On topic! Go Kojima!!!

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juuken3772d ago

Kojima's the man. :3

Sir, I salute you!

kerwin20053772d ago


B-Rein3772d ago

Hideo Kjima is the man, all game producers/developers should look up to this guy XD

Hideo... I salute you 8D

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The story is too old to be commented.