Is the Tony Hawk Franchise Worth Continuing?

It is not hard to listen to the song “Superman” by Goldfinger and immediately think of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Just thinking about all the aspects of the first few installments will bring anybody back to a much simpler time. From the excellent level design to the iconic music, the Pro Skater franchise from the late ’90s to the early 2000s had everything players wanted in a alternative sports game. Since developer Robomodo took over the Tony Hawk games in 2008, the franchise has descended in quality, becoming a shell of its former self. With Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 coming out later this year, there is one burning question: is the Tony Hawk franchise worth continuing?

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ValKilmer1288d ago

Honestly, I want to say yes, but the answer in my heart is no. This series was a product of its time and as much as we want to recapture the amazing feeling of playing this game today, it's just not possible now.

Yi-Long1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Agreed. The best game in the series was by most accounts Tony Hawk 2, and I guess the versions on Dreamcast and Xbox were the best, with the better graphics and more content.

Some will mention 3 as the best. And maybe a few will even choose 4 (which was already 'too fast' for me), or the Underground games.

Either way, it's been a very long time since we've seen a great Tony Hawk game, followed by many years of HUGE misfires.

To be honest, I'd be much more excited about a new SKATE (EA) game, than I am about the news of a new Tony Hawk game.

I loved Tony Hawk 2 on my Dreamcast, but it seems very hard for them to go back to that kind of focussed quality, without screwing it up in the gameplay department, and/or the demographic they want to appeal to. Many of the Tony Hawk games had this immature or 'xtreme' attitude about it which stroked a lot of people the wrong way, going after the Jackass crowd, which wore out it's welcome rather quickly.

Summons751287d ago

Honestly, trying to reboot it and seeing how it does isn't a bad idea. But it's on the devs to make it the game that it should be and on Activision to let them have the freedom to do what they want....that said I'm skeptical until I can try a demo to see how it plays.

DevilOgreFish1287d ago

1 and 2 were classics. I guess i would say, If they don't make a good game it'll end up as material for devs And both the unity and UE4 communities to work on.

porkChop1288d ago

No. It was great once upon a time, but Tony Hawk and Activision have driven the series into the ground. Tony's name amounts to nothing but crap in the game world these days.

LOL_WUT1288d ago

Why not? I like the arcadey feel to the Tony Hawk games because its wacky and fun the similar can be said about Skate I enjoy it for its different approach in which it tries to be more realistic. I think both can coexist.

Now as for who's making the game well I haven't really heard too many positive things regarding the developers so theres that ;)

Walker1288d ago

Absolutely :) .

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 was one of my best gaming experiences ever

Pillsbury11287d ago

I always think of it when I play the song guerrilla radio preworkout.

Relientk771288d ago

If they can make it great again

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