Sexism and Super Smash at Press Start LAN

Neha Chhetri, better known as LiloNStitchface or Lilo for short, is a pro Super Smash Bros. Melee player that you may recognize from the Super Smash Bros. Invitational hosted by Nintendo at E3 last year. Lilo is no stranger to harassment in the Smash Bros community, having written a very informative piece that chronicles the experiences of 53 female players. Many of the women reported jokes at their expense, to even being threatened, stalked and sexually assaulted by fellow players.

Even knowing this Lilo went into this weekend's Press Start LAN tournaments with a positive outlook stating "Off to SoCal for Press Start! I think I've earned a bit of a reward ;). This weekend is going to rule!" Clearly she didn't expect the kind of treatment she and other Smash players would receive because of their gender the following day from Press Start staff members.

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ArnoDorian1310d ago

Brace yourselves, it's about to become a storm.

Concertoine1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I'm not gonna lie, going to one of these tournaments can be a disaster for girls. There was a really small, local 24 player smash 4 tournament i went to just for giggles. I'm not even all that great at smash 4, just went to appease some friends.

Some of the people there dream to meet a female with similar interest to them and it can lead to a few uncomfortable experiences. Others will assume you're an attention whore and quiz you on basic game knowledge, which is pretty insulting. I just stay friendly, we're all there for the love of the game after all.

So I can sympathize with her in this respect, but tweeting complaints and writing this kind of open letter is only asking for trolls to flame her. It would've been best to complain to the tournament runners (or hell the commentator, tell him to cool his jets) and not twitter.

Looking at her statistics though, i am very shocked to see 7 have reported being raped by a fellow player. That's messed up, and i'm certain many of the girls wouldn't be in a good position in the community to make an accusation against a fellow player. While i don't think she should've tweeted, her statistics bring up some worthwhile info that should be considered.