Dear Nintendo: Splatoon Needs a Voice Chat Option

After playing Nintendo's first round of public, online Splatoon beta matches, I'm left both indulged and annoyed. Splatoon is not only an exclusive first-party Nintendo title, but one of its rare ventures into shooters; in particular, the world of online shooters. In the hour-long beta, I fought for inked dominance with my team of paint-wielding squids, and I sat alone on my couch wishing I could strategize: holding down a key point of the map until I arrived, getting an alert from a player who needed support elsewhere, or asking about the next round of weapon coordination. According to Nintendo, it's not supporting voice chat for Splatoon.

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LOL_WUT1262d ago

It does need voice chat because you can't Skype with randoms to communicate and in a game like this it should be expected.

Its like how come these "FANS" won't hold Nintendo to the same standards they do 3rd parties? Splatoon has day one DLC tied to Amiibos, the game is unfinished as custom matchmaking options will release in August plus theres no way to communicate...

I don't see how anyone can't support a developer who just so happened to have a bad experience online and there for take away options that should've been accessible on a $60 game. ;)

AJBACK2FRAG1262d ago

Theoretically you could Miiverse your friends and Wii U Chat with them before and after your matches but I get it still is not the same thing.

Dario_DC1261d ago

Don't you know that Nintendo's perfect and can do no wrong?
How dare you tell the truth about Nintendo? /S

Any other company would feel the outrage of the Internet but not Nintendo, ever....

magiciandude1262d ago

This will happen just as likely as online multiplayer for Super Mario 3D World. No doubt about that.

AJBACK2FRAG1262d ago

I originally thought the same thing but after actually playing SM3DW with friends on the good ole couch I found it was hilarious and I also thought any hint of slow down would ruin the beautiful experience of the game that I personally have called a masterpiece.

magiciandude1262d ago

The game is awesome and I prefer offline play over online for that type of game, but I am still stating my opinion based on some history. Perhaps Nintendo could budge, but they're quite notorious for ignoring feedback or dragging their feet with the times.

AJBACK2FRAG1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I actually like it when people disagree with me but when they don't say why they disagree I consider them weak sauce. Just saying.

3-4-51261d ago

* Voice chat in Splatoon wouldn't work like it would in COD/Halo/BF.

It would be too hectic. There is too much happening in a confined space for your vocal commands to offer any real use or merit.

* You get back to the action so fast with the jump/launch button that it's not needed.

I wish people understood this more.

Enigma_20991262d ago

As long as people can't refrain from hurling profanities, it's not gonna happen.

KaladinStormblessed1262d ago

It does need voice chat, I totally agree with that. The game is still really fun, but could definitely use voice chat. And it is a little annoying that they're releasing a bunch of stuff in august, but at least it's all free right? And there are new maps coming every few weeks too. I'm still buying day 1, the test fire demo was just too fun for me not to.

Doge1262d ago

I'm okay with not hearing homophobic and racial slurs every second thanks B)

shloobmm31261d ago

Not quite sure what games you play in but o all the games I play( and I play a lot) rarely do i run into someone who talks like that. Does it happen? Occasionally. More so than not it's either people not talking or a simple hey he's in so and so location.

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The story is too old to be commented.