GTA V Can Enter the Whole Building

You see in the title, you have to be disallowed entry to our building right in the story mode "Allen Interiors Open" allows us to enter the named mode. Say ending able to enter this mode through 32 building and through this mode we look into these buildings is extremely detailed in design but in the absence of our prior permission inside was a separate issue. :)

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crazychris41241316d ago

This is awesome. It is a shame Rockstar took them out of free roam and multiplayer.

Brotard1316d ago

They probably had a pretty good reason, like old consoles couldn't handle it, and they wanted gameplay parity across all systems

USMC_POLICE1316d ago

Wow thoes need to be added in multiplayer, what a waste.

porkChop1316d ago

Most of these are locations from the campaign missions.

Gamer19821316d ago

Indeed there was like 5 that weren't but other than that was good to look at I think they were working on more but time restraints meant they didn't have time to get as many as they wanted so they instead locked them all up rather than leaving a few.

AudioEppa1316d ago

One of my problems with GTA online is that it felt like there was a lack of places to go inside of, now I see why, hopefully they fix this problem with the next gta.

Even GTA 4 online had a few extra places.

Rockstar, please no more cutting corners lol all that money you got.. smh

someOnecalled1316d ago

I doubt it I have a feeling they are going to launch GTA online as a completely separate game. They are going to launch gtavi then online after as a standalone. Its more money.

_-EDMIX-_1316d ago

Likely do to ram. They didn't add it based on not wanting it, it might be due to it not being feasible on consoles without a huge drop to performance.

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The story is too old to be commented.