The End of P.T but Maybe Not The End of Silent Hills?

SH Paradise:"From this tiny sentence comes a small glimmer of hope. Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are still in talks for future projects but Norman Reedus is out."

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ritsuka6661262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I still believe the franchise can be saved by the right team who are actual fans of the series and know how to capture that SH atmosphere and tension that made the game unique * * Silent Hill japan Team**It's gonna take time and patience, something that a lot people have completely run out of.

subtenko1261d ago

Looks at article title... No its no the end of Silent Hills as was officially stated. K seeya guys....

Blues Cowboy1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

It's remotely possible that Kojima and Del Toro plan to develop Silent Hills/a spiritual successor themselves after any studio split, perhaps with Konami acting as a third-party publisher. Just thinking out loud.

EDIT: For some reason I said "Bandai Namco" instead of Konami. Coffee!

mixelon1261d ago

Well, Reedus was pretty much the least important part of the announcement. (as much as i love the guy!) We'd have had no idea he was involved with PT at all if it wasn't for the last 20 seconds. XD

.. Lets just hope for the best, I guess. All the talk of losing the big names sort of ignores the fact that a significant team were working on PT/SHs with them - all may not be lost.

VsAssassin1261d ago

You know what would be a great shocker at E3 this year? Sony picking up the two directors (Del Toro and Kojima) and creating a new horror franchise loosely based on PT. I mean, we are having a JRPG comeback and all from the Sony camp, why not resurrect the console horror games as well?

pompombrum1261d ago

Without Kojima and del Toro, Silent Hills is dead to me. Maybe it could be good still but I'll be too busy wondering what it could have been.

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