'Assassin's Creed' Isn't, And Can Never Be 'Call of Duty'

Paul Tassi from Forbes writes: "Ubisoft has scheduled a grand reveal event for this Tuesday, which promises to unveil this fall’s Assassin’s Creed: Victory, which very well may be called Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate now, because maybe “Victory” implies some sort of hard ending. Which we know isn’t happening.

Rather, Assassin’s Creed will continue on until we beg it to stop, and the Call of Duty-esque annualization of the series is something that few can get behind, as Erik Kain wrote yesterday. But I wanted to explore a little bit about why COD’s yearly formula is so hard to repeat, and why Assassin’s Creed struggles with generating excitement for annual releases so consistently."

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phantomexe1318d ago

I don't think AC Does it to be like Call of duty. Ac does it because there fans want more AC. The lore alone brings me back over and over again everything has a link to the bigger story. Comics, novels, movies and games they have legions of fans out there that want more. I'm one of those fans so if you dont like the AC games just stop buying them but for me and millions of others we are going keep enjoying what we like. Ac unverse feels like starwars or marvel unverse...everything is conected and that makes it all that more fun.

showtimefolks1318d ago

I doubt that, even hardcover fans of assassin creed wants the series to take a break for a year or 2.

Ubi loves money like all other publishes, I am not so naive to think only ubi are this way. Bottom line is this is a business so all publishers would release their big games yearly if it meant more money

The provoke isn't ubi, it's the gamers. They keep buying these games even though the best games in the series were around assassin creed 2 and that story

Assassin creed just isn't that good anymore and for it being a single player game, look how bad the story has been for last few games

I also know that each AC game gets 3 years of development. But issue if the teams keep on growing. It's like each AC game is being made by 6 different developers

That more chefs in one kitchen that's why the quality gas fallen off

Part of me wonders how taking just one year off and release the next AC game in fall 2016 will do great for this series.

But as long as you guys keep buying broken games yearly than defending the fact it's not broken

Nothing will change

phantomexe1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

No most hardcore fans dont feel that way IMO and one bad game dont break them all. I think the last one needed more AC lore in it. They sell and they will keep selling because there good. My proof of that is the millions ubi makes off it btw. Safe bet causul gamers don't by these games or the misinformed. Just saying....If you dont like them stop buying them. btw i was a big fan of AC3 and 2 and think connor should of got another game.

showtimefolks1318d ago

More power to you and others, it's your time and money. I don't buy Ac or Cod games but I also don't hate on them. But don't tell me only the last one was bad, when si ce AC2 and it's side stories we haven't had a good AC game

Now all ubi dues is show graphics and that's it

And many and I do mean many friends I know who are huge AC fans say that they don't mind if the series takes a little break. And if I am not wrong AC series was suppose to end at 3. But why atop like you said millions of dollars

But if sales meant quality than COD is the best game ever year

700p1317d ago

Assassin creed unity was still a good game, but no, brotherhood and even assassin creed 4 was pretty good and I think better than two. AC has a huge fanbase, which is why its an annual release now.

MrSwankSinatra1318d ago

You know I used to be exactly like you, but then I played AC IV. The series has moved so far away from what it's actually supposed to be it's not even funny. You keep buying your one, two or three AC titles every year, while I spend my money on games that actually have quality work put into them.

ShottyatLaw1318d ago

I am a fan, too. I would meet you in the middle and request at least a 2 year release schedule. There is a lot to enjoy about the games and the IP as a whole. At their core, they have a solid mechanic that is quite fun.

More and more, however, each new entry feels rushed. I continue to play them, but now I either wait several months after release to pick it up at a greatly reduced price, or I rent the newest installment. Each game feels like it could be really great, but ends up with too much unrealized potential.

We are getting less and less of the AC Universe as you mentioned. I say slow it down. Take the time (or new staff) to really lay out a compelling story that fleshes out the present timeline as well as the past. Ironing out the bugs by release day would be nice, too.

ironfist921318d ago

Apparantely the writer believes AC can never be like CoD...because AC actually put effort into their worlds and stories and characters and not a half assed rehash like CoD?

guyman1317d ago

In my opinion, there is no justifying a yearly release besides the developer taking an opportunity to milk that cash cow. I mean, how on earth could a series not grow stale and become repetitive if it is being released year after year. Unity is the latest example of this - A poorly optimized game clearly not ready for release which could have been so much better in all departments if it had another year or so. The fact that it was developed for 3 years is irrelevant as it seems 60 different development work on the series at a time, destroying any chance of true consistency and momentum.

The transition from AC 1 to AC 2 was perfect, it's a pity that ubisoft are first and foremost out to make a profit.

bixxel1317d ago

The non-progressing MD is contradictory to what you said. Ubisoft doesnt know what to do with MD.

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Maul_T_Pass1318d ago

That's because AC is Guitar Hero...

Khajiit861318d ago

I thought it was Robot Unicorn Attack, man was I off

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1318d ago

Both have been milked to death and need to be laid to rest.

ZaWarudo1318d ago

AC needs to take a long break.

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