New Video Game Releases: What Gamers Want for the Week of 5-11-15

EB: Gamers, it’s another light week in terms of must-play new video game releases, but there are a few worthy titles to consider. The big hitters are Project Cars, FFX/X2 HD Remaster for PS4, and Axiom Verge for the PC. Unfortunately, two of those new releases are just re-releases on new platforms, so hopefully you waited on them and can now enjoy them on the gaming device of your choosing.

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FrogSpork1311d ago

I am waiting for Axiom Verge to go on sale on the PlayStation but I definitely think it deserves a look at. I want Project Cars too, but I can't decide on which platform. Not a bad week...

Eidolon1310d ago

Got it at release, waiting for the Vita version, was disappointed when I realized it wasn't out with the PS4 version after I bought it. It's an awesome game.

thorstein1310d ago

Project cars or Drive club? Should I get cars and wait for the plus edition to try club? I know club is way better than at launch.

I'm going to have to check if there're demos.

Eidolon1310d ago

Ha, I meant Axiom Verge, should have been specific. I haven't tried either of those driving games. I am still waiting for the PS+ Driveclub and doubtful we will see it :(

thorstein1310d ago

Lol. Ok. The other threads on other stories are filled with fanboy arguments.

I do want to get axiom verge.

slappy5081310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

This gamer wants Final Fantasy X as he has never played it before, and hey must be alright if theyve remastered it twice. It means I'll be skipping on the inevitable PS5 release though