Final Fantasy Type 0 Rated For PS Vita Release

Final Fantasy Type 0 has been rated for a portable release on Sony's machine, possibly the PS Vita.

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Geobros1231d ago

wtf is going on with those Brazil sources? Personally, I think is wrong. The game released on Vita only in Japan and maybe they thought it would releases to vita in the west with PS4/XBO versions.

nodim1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Type-0 has released only for psp in Japan. It'd be more than logical to make a late vita hd-port, but sadly I too doubt SE will do it.

Geobros1231d ago

Oops....PSP I would like to write.

_-EDMIX-_1231d ago

LMFAO! You "doubt" SE will port a game? Really now?

New to gaming?

They are porting FFX to PS4 for gods sake! YES, they will likely port Type 0 to Vita, in fact I've said many times they are likely porting it to PS3 and 360. This is Square we are talking about. Never "doubt" them to port a title. They are masters at making money.

Hell, look out for the KH collection on PS4 and XONE too while your at it.

DarkZane1231d ago


They likely won't port Type-0 to Vita for the west because they obviously think there is no profit to be made from it.

Myst-Vearn1231d ago

2014? come on, this is not good enough for a 'rumor'...

F0XHOUND1231d ago

It'd be very good, but why has Brazil got all these rumored releases? Seems to me like maybe old sources revealing misleading information.

Dishonored remastered is possible, but was also linked to PS plus lately and a lot of confusion the month prior with this game leaked as the game the month before but causing the delay till this month.

Type-0 rumored for vita for years then ported from PSP to ps4.

Seems like potentially poorly translated old news leaks that are being interpreted as new news.

Maybe I'm wrong, I'd love this on vita!

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The story is too old to be commented.