A look at the newly-available KMD PlayStation 4 LED Vertical Stand

Some images for the newly-available KMD PlayStation 4 LED Vertical Stand.

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PersonMan1261d ago

Looks ugly to be honest. I like the official licensed stand myself.

rainzor1261d ago

It looks decent, if not great

cannon88001261d ago

This would probably look pretty cool in the dark. When the lights are on; well that's a different story.

sevilha821261d ago

The led is cool ,but the design is awfull

rezzah1261d ago

Bad design, no fans on the stand. The air is pulled into the system at that side/bottom.

DarkBlood1260d ago

Really? I have mine flat ht I thought the fan was all in the back

Which begs the question is it safe to put it vertically?

rezzah1260d ago

It blows hot air out the back, but pulls in air through the side which the PS4 stands on. You will block the open pathway for the air to be pulled in with stands that don't offer fans.

There are 2 types of stands with fans that you should be able to find on Ebay or Amazon. Price ranges from $20-$30.

Vertical is fine, as long as you use a proper stand.