Complementary products to buy along with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The best complementary products to buy along with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt videogame.

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equal_youth1262d ago

Not a very good advise.
Here are a few good ones. Prepare yourself for total isolation. Get a lot of fast food and high coffine drinks. A lot of toilet paper would be also pretty good.

Adexus1262d ago

Or how about this, eat healthily, drink water, have toilet breaks so I can keep playing for even longer and not have a heart attack! Lol

GameBoyColor1262d ago

Ew health lmao thats not how we gamers conduct ourselves. Now that you know, i better see your room packed with chips, dr pepper, and toilet paper on the 19th.

Paytaa1262d ago

Currently on Chapter 2 of TW2 following Iorveths storyline and my food and drink of choice is a heck ton of water and a bowl of grapes.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1262d ago


....mountain dew. Get it right neeeeuuuuuub *snorting laugh* (sarcasm)

equal_youth1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I totally agree with you. I often forget the /s :D I have to admit up until now i had nothing to eat besides a very big smoothie today but now i have this awesome Boston Pizza right in front of me :D

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Adexus1262d ago

@Gameboycolor-damn it! You're right, I shall stock up on everything unhealthy immediately!

Bobby Kotex1262d ago

Both fast food and caffeine will make you tired over the long run. Stupid 'advise'

MysticStrummer1262d ago

"Get a lot of fast food and high coffine drinks."

The only thing I agree with there is the word "high". Wish I lived in Colorado.

averagejoe261262d ago

Just give it time...

Our turn will come soon

MysticStrummer1262d ago

Yeah many states will end up doing it before too long, but unfortunately the one I live in will most likely be among the last to do so, if it ever happens at all. Being taught intelligent design in science class isn't out of the question here.

equal_youth1262d ago

This is something i can totally agree with you. Might be one of the reasons i forgot the /s :D /DamageControl

Takwin1262d ago

1. Colostomy bag
2. Mini fridge
3. Turn off all other devices

Link2DaFutcha1262d ago

Good herb, some sushi and veggie shakes, water, hommus, and carrots. Set for the day.

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S2Killinit1262d ago

That "the world of the Witcher" book is pretty interesting though.

Viryu1262d ago

So few people are aware the the games are based on the world from quite a few Witcher books written by Sapkowski. I'm not really sure if you can get the saga outside of Poland though.

MrCherry1262d ago

I just cut out no sleep.