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Years on from its inception as a devoted PC project, Slightly Mad Studio's shift to current-gen consoles involves some cutbacks, though Project Cars is still very much intact as a technically accomplished racing sim. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One use a hybrid of PC presets, with insights from the rendering team suggesting that a bulk of these waver around its medium setting (with aspects of high). But given this is two steps below the PC's top-end ultra setting, is this enough to truly drive home the quality of the game's visuals on console - or are the differences minor in practice?

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Transistor1291d ago

Besides AF the PS4 version has a lot of advantages on consoles. Resolution, frame rate and effects.

The AF notes Sony sent to developers a month or two ago to resolve the issue might not have been implemented yet and will most likely get patch like the other games that had the same problem.

hello121291d ago

PS4 may have better resolution and frame rate, but god damn the textures are muddy.

Look three cars the PS4 version looks better? Observe the guard railings muddy (AF issue!) PS4 version my god why is DF not talking about this?

Transistor1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

"PS4 may have better resolution and frame rate, but god damn the textures are muddy."

That's the AF and like every other game that had the problem it will be patched, is a bug in the software. Sony sent developers the work around for it a month or two ago, considering Project Cars was almost finished then, it's not surprising it is present still.

Dying Light and DMC Remaster had the same problem, they have both been fixed with a patch.

Not that it matters really, but are you sure that not a PC vs PS4 shot? The Xbox One and PS4 have less grass than the PC version.

Dario_DC1291d ago

They did mention that, read the article!
This will be patched soon as always.
Btw the aliasing on the xbox version is horrible and those low quality shadows look really bad too.
Now enjoy your uglier, aliasing riddle and less performing version of the game.

GarrusVakarian1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Ahhh, KNWS, how predictable of you to bury your head in the sand regarding the much worse tearing and much larger FPS drops in the X1 version, only to focus on the SLIGHTLY worse texture filtering on the PS4 version, which is something you're only going to notice when not in motion...which, to be honest, is pretty rare in a racing game, lol.

Not to mention the fact that the X1 version has an IQ bad enough to make your eyes bleed, worse shadow quality, AND it's reflections are worse quality than on the PS4 and PC versions:

Look at those jaggies, they're sharp enough to grate cheese with! Lmao.

PC >> PS4 >> X1, as usual.

Oh, and make sure to use a snorkel when you comment here so you don't drown yourself in that sand your head is buried in!

Why o why1291d ago

PC >> PS4 >> X1.....This gen in 11 characters

Larry L1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Let's be honest here. While it's obvious at this point the X1 version is worse, the truth is that this game as a whole, even on PC to some extent but ESPECIALLY on consoles.........the game is still a work in progress. People should go in on buying this game and in our discussions about this game, knowing that this is the case. This is a "long haul" type of game.........I'm looking at it almost like Destiny, and everyone else should too. Quite alot of content already developed has been either pulled out to be given away or sold as DLC, or on some of the content it's either not fully finished or rights contracts not finished.

I'm going in knowing these things and still choosing to support the game because of the story behind development and almost as an experiment to see what a crowdfunded AAA game could do. It helps that I'm a sim-racing Junkie who wished Gran Turismo had some competition on consoles to force PD's hand to do better. But all this upcoming/unfinished content/DLC, and the game still being pretty much a work in progress/ live Beta, means there are TONS of patches that are going to be released. I assume it's going to have a lifetime very similar to GT5's (almost 2 years of support), with lots of patches and improvements along with lots of free content with a spattering of paid DLC. With those patches, in time all of PCar's issues will be resolved. The biggest issues will be gone in short order I believe.

One thing I hope the development of specifically the console versions of Project Cars teaches all simulation racing fans that had some pretty harsh opinions last gen.......... Is to have another level of appreciation for the absolute miracle workers Polyphony Digital and Yamauchi-san are/were with GT5 and GT6 on friggin' PS3 hardware.......which I personally greatly appreciate on a technical level what that hardware was able to accomplish but let's be frank, as great as the Cell itself truly is on it's own, the system had no RAM and rediculous bottlenecks. GT5 was probably the very first PS3 game in development and had LESS delays than Project Cars at this point (1.5 years for GT5, 2 year delay for PCars), and even with 6 more years of programming knowledge, SMS would never have gotten this game running on PS360 at any decent level of graphical or physics quality. And it's not their fault......any simulation developer typically needs alot of RAM for "accurate" physics.

Visually it's obviously fallen behind at this point, but as an all around sim-racing package, I will still put GT6 up against next gen racers and as whole while it's not on top and it's got alot of points against it like sound and weather, it still holds it's own........on PS3 hardware......a simulation with physics as (or nearly as) advanced as any next gen racer....... PD in hindsight are absolute miracle workers even if it wasn't appreciated at the time. No doubt about it.

Letthewookiewin1291d ago

@KNWS - But you will enjoy the game regardless right, isn't that what fans of X1 say after every DF loss? If all I had was an X1 I would just stop reading Face off Articles. I would also probably stop trying to bring the PS4 down. Facts are facts X1 isn't as powerful as PS4, didn't stop me from buying one.

AndrewLB1290d ago


"One thing I hope the development of specifically the console versions of Project Cars teaches all simulation racing fans that had some pretty harsh opinions last gen.......... Is to have another level of appreciation for the absolute miracle workers Polyphony Digital and Yamauchi-san are/were with GT5 and GT6 on friggin' PS3 hardware......."

GT5 had a massive development team and a budget of $50 million and i'm guessing GT6 was somewhere north of that number. Slightly Mad Studios spent a mere $5 million. And to top it off, GT6 had an average review score of 81/100, Project cars is currently at 85/100.

If you truly think spending 10x more money to get a worse product is a "Miracle", then you are likely a Government employee.

wegetsignalx1284d ago

PS4 AF will be patched, like other PS4 games with patched AF (Dying Light, DmC). It is a bug not a console hardware issue.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1291d ago

PS4 is the easy pick on consoles according to this article. Better resolution, framerate and better effects.

It's weird how xbox fanboys claim that developers sacrifice performance for resolution when the PS4 version usually has better framerate too.

@KNWS. lol. Keep the crusade going brother /s

ps4fanboy1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

No grass = pass......
Joke Lol.

*edit* why didn't he use the wipers on the ps4??
Also , out of interest , how much would a rig cost that could run PC at Max? Just watching that video , and I imagine you would have to spend a considerable amount for a few extra grass blades.

MarkusMcNugen1291d ago

Your a funny guy, a few extra blades of grass... Try higher resolution, higher frame rates, better anti-aliasing, just about better everything. It would probably cost a little more than my $1300 PC. Probably around $1800-2000 for a single monitor setup to max the game.

Which really isn't that crazy for a high performance gaming PC.

yewles11291d ago

"we have confirmation that both PS4 and Xbox One feature car models amounting to 60k triangles per vehicle at peak - matching the high setting on PC. Put into perspective, the ultra car detail preset boasts a staggering 200-300K triangles per vehicle."

We also have confirmation that it's only the player's car that's 200-300K triangles in ultra settings.

sigfredod1291d ago

Clear win for the PS4 on the consoles, pc on amd disapointing hope is fix soon, on a titanx looks and run great

TheBrownBandito1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I can't comment on the PC version as a phone screen is too small to appreciate the differences. resolution particularly.

But I will say that on ps4 this games looks great (good enough for me anyway). I despair at all the negativity that's spread about console quality by DF. It's not reflective of the overall experience. If there's all this screen tearing going on, they must be simulating the races, as the driving is far too immersive to be noticing it otherwise.

I'm really, really......REALLY enjoying this game!

Larry L1291d ago

While I agree with and appreciate your sentiment here, I do disagree that particularly screen tearing is something you don't notice durring gameplay. It's one of the few things (along with pop-in) that at least I personally notice and am bothered by if it's really bad in racing games. Even the small amount of tearing in Gran Turismo 5 and 6 bordered on bothersome for me on a couple tracks, and even the PS4 version of PCars has more tearing than GT5 or 6.........ALOT more. It is probably the biggest issue they need to fix ASAP as far as I'm concerned. And this is just from the tearing I see in low quality youtube vids. It's gonna be worse in person.

weirdo1291d ago

looks identical to the pc version

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