Rumor: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition To Include Vergil Costume For Nero

According to a Japanese gamer who has played Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition during a recent Capcom promotional tour, the game will feature a Vergil costume for Nero.

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WeAreLegion929d ago

Why would they include a Vergil costume for Nero if Vergil is already in it?

Eiyuuou929d ago

To more or less confirm that he is the son of Vergil.

Abash929d ago

Or that the demon that attacked and is possessing Nero (when Devil Triggered) is the soul of Vergil.

Heavenly King929d ago

@abash: Nero is the son of Vergil, they confirmed it a long while ago before DMC4 got released in some "capcom games showing", but for some reason it was not much promoted.

fei-hung929d ago

Can't wait, anyone know how good play-asia are with shipping?

WeAreLegion929d ago

Typically very good. I've only had good experiences with them.