E3: Killzone 2 - The Unseen 6 Minutes+ Footage

From Gamersyde:

"Many (many!) people asked us when we'd put online the second part of our Killzone 2 video. Well there it is, finally! And thankfully it looks just as good as the first part. Enjoy!"

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Chad Warden3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

WTF? Why don't they have a stream for it?

Edit: Ok now they do. Lol he died.

Real gamer 4 life3777d ago

Man maybe sony should consider releasing killzone first then resistance. I belive killzone has a better chance at competing against gears.

The gaming GOD3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

What you say is probably true. But think about it, if they release killzone 2 BEFORE resistance 2, it MIGHT make resistance 2 smell like a let down.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking ANYTHING away from resistance 2, but Killzone 2 might be a genre defining game. So it is a good idea to have resistance 2 come out first

Real gamer 4 life3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

i see what you mean bro, killzone 2 looks like its going to revolutionize the fps genre. killzone 2 look like is going to be the best fps in the gaming market.

jaja14343777d ago

So going to get flamed for this but...

"revolutionize the fps genre," sadly no, not really. While it looks very nice, specifically the lighting effects and the fluidity of animation there is nothing else here that is revolutionary. Or to put it another way, it is no different than Crysis. Not that that's a bad thing per say, what it does it does well, but aside from updating graphics I see nothing new.

Of course then stems from a larger problem that very few games this gen are doing anything really new. I mean Warhawk did the online only thing very well, Gear got a near perfect cover system, Bioshock had an excellent level design, and Heavenly Sword was damn near movie quality.
But for the most part, all of the new upcoming games(for either system), if you take graphics out of the picture, could very well be games that on the PS2.

Maybe I'm just excepting to much... *grumbles off*

Real gamer 4 life3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

That was a very good read, and i respect your opinion. But you at least have to admit that it is looking like its going to be one, if not the best fps in the market.

-M4verick-3777d ago

They still haven't talked about co-op, multiplayer(in detail) an we havent seen anything but the first level and an extreme early build of the 3rd level from last year.

I have a feeling Killzone 2 is going to be an extremely polished/good FPS.

The gaming GOD3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

If you take out graphics for the most part, we kinda do have ps2 all over again.

I never said Killzone would revolutionize the fps. That will be hard to do with call of duty around.

But this will define fps games this genre. Keep in mind genre define isn't the same thing as revolutionize.

To be honest, you may or may not be expecting too much. I guess games will only go as far as the human imagination can take them. So yeah, at some point, they'll peak.

But anyway, I agree with Reel. Good post. Good voicing of your opinion

@ the guy above me

Now that I think about it, you're right. They haven't gone too much into detail with co op or multiplayer. All we know is that multiplayer is in the game

jaja14343777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Oh I have no doubt it will be.

I guess I just wish that instead of hearing about how KZ2,GofW2,and so on looks I could hear, "damn did you see what that AI did there," or "Hell I never seen that before."

You know, like the first time you played MGS and you found out the soldiers saw your footprints in the ground and were alerted to your presence. Little things like that, that make the guys you're shooting at seem more realistic and worthy of a human opponent.

I'm not saying I expect to see human level intelligence, but well for example. About half way through the video the player charges out and shoot at one of the soldiers who is hiding behind a small metal beam(because that's exactly were I would hide if I were getting shot at) but the part that irked me was that he shot the soldier once or twice then he had to reload, and during this time the soldier did nothing.

I don't mean to pick on KZ2 in particular, since most new games do this. Hell I remember shooting on of the Locus from GofW in the side for a good 5 seconds and watching him just take it.

I just wish game play, more specifically AI, was more important that pretty looking pictures, but pretty looking sells more games so I suppose I really can't blame the developers.

na2ru13777d ago

you dont havve to innovate to score

poopsack3777d ago

Apart from having realistic graphics, that arent dumbed down for online, it is the first game (correct me if im wrong) to have a first person cover system that is very well implemented, and it even lets you blind fire. It will also have a very expansive community with, and a very detailed online component with the customizable class system (similar to the one in TF2.)

mistertwoturbo3777d ago

Well Jaja. I'm not expecting a 500 ft leap in terms of A.I. But do keep in mind they still have over 6-7 months to work on it. Hopefully A.I. is one of their priorities to improve.

Once the final product is in our hands, then it should be judged 100%.

mistertwoturbo3777d ago


Holy Fothermucker!!! I never saw this video. Did you guys see those automatic turrets and the hundred different things all going on at once?

I don't care what anybody says. NOBODY. Killzone 2 is a MUST BUY especially after seeing that multiplayer gameplay video.

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Unreal013777d ago

But I did want to see what happened to those guys on the vehicle that got shot...I wanted to see the carnage, if any :)

jayblings3777d ago

They couldnt get this game out this year. I understand they have Resistance 2 coming out and thats going to be a great game..but i think if they want to sell systems then Killzone would be the game to go head to head with gears..However maybe Sony knows what Bungie is working on and plans to have Killzone go head to head with the new Bungie project

resistance1003777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Well they have Socom out in October, Resistance out in November, plus a load more 3rd party shooters, its not worth overloading a already crowded place this xmas.

DarkBlade3777d ago

Looks like it going to be a big year of games. Who going to lose? My wallet. LOl