EA Sports UFC Tips & Tricks: 5 Fantastic Hints to Get More Coins

How does one get more coins in EA Sports UFC? If you’ve been playing this game for a while on your Android or IOS device, you probably know that coins are what you use to buy abilities for your fighters to train, and that you earn them when fighting. So what would be the best ways to earn those coins, and what would be the best ways to use them? Before we get to that, we should remind you that EA Sports UFC is a game that puts you in control of (theoretically) more than 70 real-life fighters, with a career mode and live events you can compete in. It combines fighting game and card-collecting game elements and even if you’re not a fan of UFC, it can get really addictive and easy to appreciate. Now, that we’ve reminded you what the game is about, here are some EA Sports UFC tips and tricks to help you get more coins and spend those coins wisely.

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