20 Best Video Game Boss Battles Of The Decade (So Far)

So, counting up from 2010, here are the biggest, smartest, meanest, cruelest, scariest and most innovative boss battles out there. Call yourself a true gamer? Then see how many you’ve overcome.

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Captain_Wormy1230d ago

Pfft Armstrong was a kitten compared to the bastard Monsoon was.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1230d ago

Gehrman The Last Hunter was my favorite on this list. Senator Armstrong is a close second.

remixx1161230d ago

Whoa, no koloktos or gerahim final fight in Legend of Zelda skyward sword......damn sorry can't vibe with this list.

deathtok1230d ago

Nitpick: Why not just call it "of the past 5 years"?

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