E3 Press Wars: Who had the Best in show?

So, all in all the Big 3 had a really good showing at E3. Some move so then others, Now that all 3 have shown us what there working with and what we can expect from them. Who had the best showing? Well of corse I love my Top 10's but E3 seems to spawn Top 10 list like they are going out of style. I know one site had a Top 10 of Top 10 list.

What I'm going to do for all of you is to make a nice detailed list of everything that Microsoft, Sony, and the Nintendo has told us about. I will let you decide on who had the best showing. So get ready for MWGAMERS E3's Press Wars

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chaosatom3772d ago

And I think that it would be if marketed right.

HalfFireWater3772d ago

i swear, I think I have been hearing about LBP for the last year and a half, I hope that game rocks becuase if it don't Sony will be up sh1tz creek without a paddle

Codeman4203772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

=ok with the nextflix thing its kinda stupid. you still ahve to be a net flix subscriber to use it so if your not a subscriber than its pretty much pointless.

and about the software. when you look at MS majority is casual. look at Sony majority is hardcore. so really its all opinion. Me i think Sony had more info that interested me as a hardcore gamer. yea MS had Gears and Fable but other than that MS didnt really impress me at all.

eagle213772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

A class act with their own AAA new exclusives for PS3, PSP and ps2. Best stage and presentation by far. :)

Havince3771d ago

on marketplace was 10 videos to download

xbox had over 30, and that didnt include live stage videos of games and software