Speaking to the Duo Behind the Mayweather-Pacquiao ‘Punch-Out!!’ Viral Video

Vice: Mayweather against Pacquiao happened ( VICE Sports coverage). After fans began dreaming up a bout in 2009, after negotiations fell apart in early 2010 and after they dissolved again come 2012, two of the sport's most successful finally stepped into the ring at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the biggest boxing match of our young century. And then, after the incandescent hype, the hand-wringing over Mayweather's domestic abuse record and Pacquiao's homophobia, after 36 minutes, the widespread belief set in that we, the public, have been had.

Moments after the fight ended, a YouTube video called "FLOYD MAYWEATHER PUNCH-OUT!!!" began to gain traction. Based on 1987's Nintendo Entertainment System perennial (Mike Tyson's) Punch-Out!!, after entering the code that would unlock a fight with final opponent Tyson, the video depicts Pacquiao in the role of the game's protagonist Little Mac, having to accept a number of demands before making it to the ring. These demands – the most pertinent being daily blood testing, less money than Mayweather and no rematch – were responsible for 2012's negotiations spluttering to a halt. Appropriately, upon selecting "NO", the game over screen appears.

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kabalyero1318d ago

Funny video... it was created before the fight so it was kinda prophetic in a way...